Submarine Cable Project Ready for NEC

Source: Post Courier Online


Instruments for one of Papua New Guinea’s high impact projects, the US$100 million (K300 million) international gateway submarine cable from Sydney to Port Moresby is ready to go before Cabinet when it convenes this month.

Shortlisted vendors have already been selected but will officially be released once finalised.

The project is expected to be completed before the Government hosts the biggest meet in history in the 2018 APEC Summit.

On completion it is expected to decrease drastically the cost of internet in PNG as currently there is only a one lane highway the country is operating on.

The project will have about a super 100 lane highway, which will not only allow fast internet access, but cheap and reliable access to internet cost in PNG.

Treasurer Charles Abel in his recent presentation releasing the Government’s 100 days 25-Point Plan, said the project was part of the government’s primary goals of demonstrating pro-activity.

He said this was to ensure sound macroeconomic and fiscal management, restoring confidence, and generating investment and moving towards greater economic self reliance.

He said the World Bank and Australian Government financing of US$100 million was in place and the project would come under Treasury and DataCo.

This will push competition across the retail telecommunications sector by upgrading, building, owning and operating the National Transmission Network (TNN) and making it available to ICT operators at the wholesale level only.

This will eventually provide an effective wholesale infrastructure that is reliable and cost-effective for the people of PNG.

Telecommunication prices are set to reduce substantially once all these changes are in place.
“I want very much to progress the construction of the international gateway communications cable from Sydney to Port Moresby,” he said.

“This will get the cost of internet down in PNG once completed and the World Bank is helping with US$100 million and there are also other projects and programs that will help the government ease the prices of internet drastically.”

“We will look at all the costs and progress the construction of the international gateway communication cable from Sydney to Port Moresby.

“So with that connection with the old, worn out cable that’s coming in from Sydney and the other one that’s going to Guam off Madang, we are going to build this international access cable from Sydney.


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