PNGIPA Set to Focus on Housing


Focus on staff for performance output will a key priority of the PNG Institute of Public Administration (PNGIPA).

Director of PNGIPA, Angori Wewerang, has said the institute will have to focus more on the needs of its staff, in terms of housing in order to get the expected levels of performance needed in ensuring the planned changes to the institution’s focus happens.

Mr Angori made the comments after the swearing-in of the new governing council members last week and made reference to announced plans to have PNGIPA transformed into a regional institution starting early next year. “One of the first things to look at is how we will get our staff reestablished and repositioned in terms of their accommodations,” Mr Wewerang said.

He said while accommodation owned by the institute is adequate for the current needs of the teaching and general staff, the need to renovate and the upkeep was a concern that will be addressed.

“These are all buildings that were built in the 1960s and 70s so we are trying to maintain, revive that, and look at how best we relocate our staff so that is going to be one of the first discussions the council will have to make.

“That is important for us and we expect them to perform, they don’t often come and perform the way they are expected to, and the first thing we are looking at is at how we can place our staff from the teaching to general staff,” Mr Wewerang said.

Sorting out the issue will then allow the council to develop programs in the provincial and sub-national levels of government.

“That is going to be the first thing to see the shift of delivery from here to delivery of the provincial and local level government in areas in addition to that establishment of the Pacific Institution of Leadership and Governance,” Mr Wewerang said.


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