Nasfund Told To Speed Up Land Case


Waigani National Court has granted interim injunction to National Superannuation Fund Ltd to speed up a land dispute proceedings to an early trial.

This matter relates to the super fund’s state lease land portion 2123 at Nine-Mile in Moresby Northeast, which it claims and also Sanamo Group claims the same.

The superfund alleges that its predecessor National Provident Fund board of trustees, was registered proprietor of the State leases over portion 2123 but expired in 1996.

The injunction granted by Colin Makail yesterday is also to stop repetition of various court proceedings over the same matter and for a speedy trial as the court found inconsistencies in the decade old matter.

Yesterday the court heard that the many events took place since the superfund’s state lease over the disputed piece of land expired in 1996 and time was needed to examine and identify the facts pertaining to the dispute and the real issues in contention between parties to resolve the dispute.

This delayed any court decision.

The dispute includes overlapping of boundaries and conflicting land board decisions between the Yawenaik Holdings Ltd, surveyor general, Department of Lands and Physical Planning, NCD’s lands and physical planning board, the registrar of titles and Sanamo Group.

Various decisions subsequently led to the creation of a new portion 3162 consisting of 46.55 hectares.

The new portion registered in the name of Sanamo in August 20, 2013, has since been subdivided into 393 residential high covenant leases.


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