Prime Minister Calls for Unity

By: Post Courier

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called on Papua New Guineans to part take in national development and focus on a shared future as thousands around the country and the world mark our 42nd Independence Day anniversary.

Speaking during the flag raising ceremony at Independence Hill on Saturday, he assured the people of opportunities ahead to take advantage of despite present challenges.

“The opportunities before our country are great but there is a lot of work ahead for each of us if we are to reach our true potential ,” he said, adding that the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation – APEC – Leaders’ Summit next year and the Rugby League World Cup later this year are some of such opportunities.

Mr O’Neill said PNG had come a long way 42 years on, and experienced a lot of changes that the people should be proud of.

“This happened because of the hard work, of our stakeholders who are our people, government workers, international partners, and everyone who works in our national interest,” Mr O’Neill said.

He said moving into the future, the government will continue to perform its duties and responsibilities to develop the nation further.

“We will open new opportunities for foreign investment and trade and create more employment. We will maintain our work to rebuild and expand vital infrastructure for our highways, ports and airports, expand affordable electricity for rural communities, and create more opportunities for businesses big and small in all part for the country,” he said.

Mr O’Neill said the Government would continue to empower provinces and districts for national institutions delivery of government services.


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