UN Haus Launch

By : Post Courier

THE Government has made land available to build the United Nations Haus right in the heart of Waigani to house all the UN agencies operating in the country.

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari said during the launch of the site near the Morauta Haus yesterday that the UN agencies have helped with development programs like capacity building, education, and health and community development among others.

“Giving land to build your office is our way of saying thank you,” Mr Lupari said.

Haoling Xu, the United Nations Development Program assistant administrator and director Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, said that the building will symbolise the strong partnership between PNG and the UN agencies.

Mr Xu said in the past, the UN was a donor or source of funding to developing countries but the Asia Pacific has developed significantly.

He said the size of PNG’s economy has increased tremendously and so the nature of their work to support PNG has also changed in that the UN is no longer a donor but an equal partner in development.

“The government wants us (the) different agencies to work together. So we are facilitating this, working as one by providing the land to allow us to build the building. So in the future we will have to work together more closely with the government and among ourselves,” Mr Xu said.

The UN resident co-ordinator Roy Trivedy thanked the Government of PNG for making the land available.

“Our hope and aspiration would be in the year when government is hosting the APEC, by next year this time we have at least a shell of the building ready,” Mr Trivedy said.

The final design for the UN Haus is being drafted and will be a modern office complex and features will include a conference centre, catering and dining facilities, meeting rooms, data and media centre, supplies storage and emergency operations centre.

Discussions for the UN Haus between the UN and the Government of PNG began in 2010 with the land allocated in 2014.

Construction is expected to be completed by the mid-2019.


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