MP Keen to Address Issue of Squatter Settlements

By : The National


Urbanisation and Housing Minister John Kaupa wants to address the issue of people squatting on State land in Moresby North-East and Port Moresby.
Kaupa over the weekend had talks with custodians of land at 7-Mile.
He has taken Urbanisation Office to task in negotiation for conversion of customary land into proper suburbs.
The planning, once in fruition, will see thousands of settlers given an opportunity to own a piece of land with a house.
Kaupa, with Urbanisation Office executive-director Max Kep and senior officers from the office, were at a site known as Faraya behind the PNG Defence Force Air Transport Squadron to meet Moiha clan leaders.
This is the second visit by Kaupa to an area which he sees as having the potential to bring in positive spin-off benefits for landowners.
Kaupa said other stakeholders like Department of Lands and Physical planning, National Capital District Commission, Eda Ranu, PNG Power Ltd and Governor Powes Parkop would be informed once formalities with landowners were established.
He said he had lived at 6-Mile Settlement for almost 25 years and knew problems of land and housing.
Kaupa said he also respected the Motu-Koitabu people as traditional landowners.
“The Moiha clan will get maximum benefit in terms of resettlement and development in their area,” he said.
“We will not repeat the mistakes of the Taurama customary land that saw land owners sell their land randomly, without proper consultation with Urbanisation and Lands Department, or service lines such as water and electricity.”


One comment

  • Minister for Urbanisation and Housing keen interest in properly addressing issue of Squatter Settlements is commented. However, how he intends to address the issue needs to be spelled out clearly to the land owners on a win-win arrangement from day one, otherwise. The benefit to the landowners should in NO WAY be compromised especially the land they own, it is their inherited RIGHTS that no person(s) including mandasted leaders or the Government of the day has right to share for any reason.

    The land owners have the land but Government has the money to develop so the arrangement or partnership MUST be based on the value of undeveloped land verses value of proposed development and the shared benefits thereafter MUST be on a win-win (50-50) basis, otherwise. Any and or all developers MUST come thru the government on government to developer terms NOT developer to landowner where a lot of crook deals at the disadvantage of landowners is now eminent.

    Food for thought:
    PNG Government MUST enact a Law (if non inplace) or strictly enforce the existing Laws (if any inplace) for Land Tax for Customary Land developed for Housing and other developments MUST 100% go to landowners and Government of the day benefit from water & sewerage and electricity rates charged to the tenants including use of roads and bridges be charged thru all types of vehicle registration fees.


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