APEC Has Benefits, Says Minister

By : Post Courier

Transport Minister Westly Nukundj has assured the country on the importance of APEC, that its costs will be worth it in the end.

He said major benefits to the country will not be seen on the surface of the meet, but in the various agreements that will be made between PNG, as the host country, and various members of the APEC family.

He said despite criticism aimed against the Government, bilateral agreements will be forged for assistance and investments that would not have come about without the meet.

Mr Nukundj said this during the 10th Transport Ministers Meeting (TMM10) held in Port Moresby, last weekend.

“We get a lot of criticisms that we are wasting a lot of money on such meetings like TMM10 and also the 2018 APEC Leaders’ Summit.”

“I can assure you that this is not a waste, where we get all the economies and why is it held here in a small country like Papua New Guinea when it should be held in countries like Australia.”

“Some people we need to change our mentality of thinking and reasoning.”

Mr Nukundj gave indication of talks regarding new port developments in the country discussed with APEC members.

“For instance like we met with Chinese Taipei and I indicated to them the need for us to have new ports.”

“We currently need four ports, one in Western Province, one for Wewak, Vanimo and the other one Manus.”

“But who is going to build it? The government is encouraging people to grow oil palm but facilities are not there to export.”

“With the exposure we are getting a lot of experience and knowledge and assistance from the economies that are taking part in the TMM10,” Nukundj said.


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