O’Neill urges Students, Parents to look after Property

By : The National


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has urged the students, parents and teachers of the Butuka Primary School in Port Moresby to look after a project which the Chinese government is supporting.

He attended the hoisting ceremony of the K70 million school project at Sabama as the model school for the National Capital District.

O’Neill said the school project was one of the many projects supported by the Chinese government.

“I’m glad to say that they have chosen to invest in this project, a model project school in the country,” he said.

“I appeal to the parents, students, board of management, teachers and staff to take ownership of the management of this place in a more responsible manner.

“It is easy to accept infrastructure as such but it is important that we look after it into the future. Let us maintain it so it can educate thousands of young Papua New Guineans.

“Opportunities come once in a lifetime and our people need to show some responsibility and take ownership and making sure that our children have a better chance.”

Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko thanked the Chinese government through the Shenzhen local level government for choosing Butuka Primary School.

“Butuka will be something that all of us can be proud of and I thank the Chinese government for sponsoring this magnificent project,” he said.

Chairman of the school Goasa Moses said Butuka was a model school.


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