27,966 Sit For Grade 12 Exam

By : Post  Courier

UP to 27,966 Grade 12 students are sitting for their national exams which started yesterday with the mathematics paper one. Today will be the second day of the eight-day national examination period.

With entry levels raised quite high for next year, the Grade 12 students will have to score exceptionally high grades to qualify for spaces in tertiary institutions, including the six established universities.

Principal of Port Moresby National High school, David Diowai, is confident his grade 12 students will maintain the academic standard and performance of the school.

“Our school is very competitive academically in the country, and we hope to maintain the same position in the country as one of the top schools,” Mr Diowai said.

He said the school has eight Grade 12 classes, with a total of 323 students (191 males and 132 females) sitting for the examinations.

Meanwhile, Mr Diowai acknowledged the effort and commitment of the government in ensuring students have access to education through the tuition fee free (TFF) policy. However, he said the policy has also affected the school’s planning and budgeting processes.

“With TFF, we rely on the government, in which we receive funding quarterly. Most times we don’t receive the funds on time,” he said.

Mr Diowai said the management, in distributing the TFF funds, should carry out the policy in a more effective manner for the schools to run their affairs smoothly.

He said the school, including the other five national high schools, have 5 to 6 percent of their TFF payments still outstanding, and it is the same with other schools within the public school system in the country.



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