No Time To Entertain Unqualified Teachers

By : Post Courier


Don’t conduct inspections on primary school teachers if they don’t provide necessary documents.

This is what Momase regional director for inspection Patrick Silata told the 18 school inspectors in basic education for Morobe Province during the provincial rating conference in Lae last Friday.

Mr Silata said the Education Department is embarking strongly on quality education for the children and there is no time to entertain unqualified and non-performing teachers.

“My office through the help of inspectors placed in the district will hold teachers getting through the system without proper verification accountable if found,” Mr Silata said.

He advised the 18 basic education school inspectors to ask teachers to get ready for inspection including new graduates by providing all necessary documents required before inspection can be conducted for them.

Mr Silata said provincial rating conference is where teachers received promotion and the conference wants to promote eligible, trained and competent teachers to the next level.

It was identified during the one week provincial rating conference that most teachers during their time of inspection were not able to provide documents such as school certificates, upgrade certificates or certificates from the colleges they graduated from.

Reports from Morobe primary school inspectors revealed that many attempts have been made to sight those documents but responsible teachers failed to bring forward. “If they cannot provide those documents, don’t inspect those teachers or write their reports unless you sight their qualifications,” Mr Silata said.


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