Govt Bodies To Use IGIS

BY MELISHA YAFOI ( Post Courier )

MINISTER for Communication and Information Technology Sam Basil says he is now looking at cutting all government office internet costs from K160 million down to K40 million.

Mr Basil said this after a brief visitation to the Integrated Government Information System (IGIS).

System (IGIS) project and the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) hosted by NICTA.

He said he has now tasked the Department of Communication and Information to prepare a National Executive Council submission for all departments including State owned entities to use the million kina (IGIS) project.

“We want all the government departments to use the data base and my visit yesterday, I have found that there are only few government departments using this system. The PNG government has spent considerable amount of money to set it up. It’s very important that any country around the world move their data into one so that we can protect it and we can make sure that we cut costs.”

“We will be cutting costs if we transfer all or allow the entire governemtn department to migrate into one place.

Very soon we will be looking at the examples of Malaysia and the examples of Singapore government how they protect their data base and we will adopt the same,” he said.

The Minister said they are now putting up a team in making sure that the installation of the cyber security system including the personnel’s and soft ware and hard ware systems are in place.

“PNG has great potential to expand its wings in the information and communication technologies (ICT) area in a big way.

“ICT services are vulnerable especially to cyber threats.

“And I personally want to ensure that our great investments in ICT like the IGIS and the internet exchange point, must be protected to serve the government and the private sector as well as ordinary Papua New Guineans and residents.

I am an advocate of responsible communications so cyber security and cybercrime policing are high on the list with details yet to be worked on,” he said.


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