New Bill Geared To Give Leadership A Big Push

By : The National


PARLIAMENT yesterday unanimously passed a bill to establish the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore said the PNG Institute of Public Administration would now become the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

Kapavore said the transformation would raise the performance of public servants and also focus on gender equity.

Kapavore said it would bring greater training and capacity building to serve people in the provinces and districts.

“It will contribute hugely to the upgrading and integrity of our public service institutions with ethics and values enshrined in our constitution which will improve service delivery to our people,” he said.

“The PNGIPA is central to the modernisation of our institutions and lifts the capability of our public servants.

“Accordingly, this institution is to be renamed, restructured and repositioned to become the modern independent statutory authority. The creation of the modern institute highlights the important work that this government in partnership with Australia has undertaking to establish a Pacific leaders and governance precinct.

“The precinct has a design to strengthen pubic service and leadership ethical behaviour governance and core capabilities at the national provincial and district levels.

This modern institution will play an important role in the development and function of the priciest particularly mainstreaming ethical leadership values throughout the public sector.”


One comment

  • Step in the right direction because its well overdue. Ethical Leadership and Good Governance should be priority number both of Political Leadership-Bureaucratic Leadership-Technocratic Leadership as the way forward capability requirement.


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