New APEC Stamps Launched

By : Post Courier


Papua New Guinea has become the first country to release a series of APEC stamps which feature sustainable development goals, according to United Nations representative coordinator Mr Roy Trivedy.

Mr Trivedy’s remarks came after he officially launched the stamps at the Post PNG headquarters in Konedobu, Moresby South.

Mr Trivedy said the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Post PNG have produced this series of collector’s stamps featuring sustainable development goals and APEC.

The unique series of stamps showcase the five sustainable development goals of people, prosperity, planet, peace, and partnership along with a special APEC stamp.

Each stamp illustrates a look of Papua New Guinea’s contributions to sustainable development and the rich and unique culture of the country.

“Nowhere in the world has these stamps ever been done on the systems of development goals. No other country has done it and APEC is the biggest single event in our country and our history.

‘‘I am thrilled and proud in a small way, to have contributed to this, which began as a little Idea to what it is now. It is going to earn post PNG a lot of money,” said Mr Trivedy.

He spoke on how the stamps showcased Papua New Guinea as an emerging global leader on the theme of growth and sustainability.



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