Celebration of Faith for Papua New Guinea

By : Post Courier


Churches are the cornerstone of PNG communities, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“We will continue to strengthen our partnership,” Mr O’Neill said in his Christmas message.
Christmas is the time of the year when Papua New Guineans come together as a nation, he said.
“In our communities, our Churches and in our family homes, we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.
“This birth in a manger in Bethlehem, more than 2000 years ago, was the start of a new era for humankind.
“Through our Christian faith we celebrate goodwill, and we share a belief in doing the right thing.”
Monday, December 25, and Tuesday, Boxing Day, are public holidays.
In his first Christmas message since formation of Government since the 2017 national election, Mr O’Neill said that the churches and Government are working together.
“We are delivering better education for our children, we are providing better healthcare services to help our people to recover from sickness and injury.
“Christmas is also a time to reflect on our own lives, on our families and our friends.
“It is a time for us all to look at the contribution that we make to the people around us.”
Mr O’Neill said Papua New Guineans live in an “amazing country”. PNG had more potential than almost anywhere else in the world, he added. “We are blessed with diverse cultures, and we are rich in resources.
“But to reach our best, we have to believe in ourselves, and we have to believe in all that we can achieve.
“As we celebrate this festive season, I ask you to please also spare a thought for people who might be spending Christmas alone.
“Invite them into your home to share the spirit with you.
“May you, and your family, have a joyous and safe Christmas. There are often a lot of accidents in the Christmas period, so we ask everyone to be careful. Look after each other, and set an example for those around you.
“From my family, and from our Government, may we wish a Merry Christmas to everyone in PNG.”


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