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Deputy Pm Hailed For Election Return

Source: Post Courier Online


Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu has congratulated deputy prime minister Charles Abel for his early submission of his election returns.

Dr Gelu has said the deputy PM went ahead to personally fill in the Form 35 document, something which many MPs were not able to do personally.

“I am very happy with the deputy prime minister because what he did is that he did it himself. What most of the MPs do is they get their general secretaries to do it on their behalf,” Dr Gelu said.

“That is not what we expect from our MPs. They have to fill these forms themselves because they themselves know how much they got and how much they spent.”

“You cannot give to your general secretary because they will not know everything, so I want to remind our MPs to fill these forms themselves.”

Dr Gelu said that Mr Abel had managed, from his busy schedule, to fill in the form requested by the registry.

As of yesterday, four MPs had submitted their election returns along with only one political party.

He said the good sign so far has been an increase in the number of MPs visiting his office to obtain Form 35.

With two months left, the registry hopes more MPs will comply with the requirement as stipulated in the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and


Electoral Commission set for polling: Gamato

By : The National

THE Electoral Commission is ready for the start of polling on June 24, says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

It has started distributing election awareness materials to the 22 provinces, with the start of polling only three weeks away.

Gamato said the updated roll had been completed, the polling schedules ready, ballot papers unpacked for distribution to the provinces, the 8000 metal ballot boxes were being shipped and ink and seals were ready.

“In terms of preparation, we are ready for polling,” he told The National.

“Most of the non-sensitive materials have been delivered.

“Containers are going to provinces.

“You can see that we are already in motion to conduct the election.”

Gamato said temporary election workers would be trained to conduct polling and counting.

“By next week, we should train polling officials. Training manuals have been sent to the provinces,” ” he said.

“Election managers and returning officers have been trained, so they will do cascading training – training poll officials and count officials, as well as scrutineers.”

Gamato said the next three weeks would be critical to the success of the election.

He said one of the big task was to get Central Supply and Tenders Board to approve contracts for helicopters.

“One of our big tasks is to get the Central Supply and Tenders Board to approve contracts for helicopters, because we’ll be using helicopters in remote places,” he said.

“The Australian Defence Force will assist us, but they will only be flying materials to the main centres.

Gamato said Defence Force vessels would be used in maritime provinces such as Milne Bay.

Electoral Commission media officer Alphonse Muapi told The National posters being distributed to the provinces carried various messages on the election process.

“We have 14 different messages, one on each poster,” Muapi said.

“The posters will be distributed nationwide. Once they are sent out to provincial capitals, they will be distributed to the districts for display and awareness.”

PNC has done enough, says Marape

By : The National

Finance Minister James Marape says the People’s National Congress-led Government has done enough over the last five years to be voted back this year.

Speaking at the first campaign rally of Moresby North-West MP and Health Minister Michael Malabag, Marape said: “I am the first to admit that while we may not truly have done everything as a party or as a Government, we have done much better.

“This is whether it be in the health sector, education sector, infrastructure sector, law-and-justice sector,or even in the economic sector.”

He described as “hogwash” all criticism about Government being heavily in debt.

“I want to put it on your level that the fact that we were able to run free education and free health for the last five years –  savings in the pocket of ordinary Papua New Guineans,  money that you would otherwise have spent over five years,” Marape said.

“In the education sector alone, our government has invested on behalf of Papua New Guineans, and more so on ordinary  people.”

Give Pangu just 100 days

May 26, 2017 – BY MATTHEW VARI

Pangu Party vows to rid corruption in PNG in first 100 days in office

A Pangu Party-led government will prosecute corrupt leaders in its first 100 days in office.

Pangu leader Sam Basil told the media yesterday he would ensure that all outstanding investigated cases against leaders, both at the parliamentary and bureaucratic level, were dealt with.

Corruption cases would be pursued vigorously and some leaders may face jail time, Mr Basil, who is Bulolo MP, said.

He said the state of the economy was also high on the 100-day agenda if the voters put Pangu in office to form government.

Pangu Party, the oldest political party in PNG, has been a bitter opponent of the Peter O’Neill coalition government for the past five years.

“When we get into power and we find out where we are, we will announce our 100 days. Our 100 days will be very harsh,” Mr Basil said.

“All the outstanding cases and all the other issues about corruption, we have to deal with them to move forward, we cannot ignore them.”


“I don’t have the right to send people to jail, but what I mean is that we will make sure that everyone who has cases will have to answer for them.”

He said at the rate the country continues to borrow while in a caretaker government mode, does not bode well for an incoming government after the National Election.

“Our problem is the economy. We have to find out where our debt is so we can chart a way forward.”

“We have to make sure that we know how many loans we have, because we do not really know now. We are guessing K45 billion.”

Mr Basil said apart from both key undertakings, Pangu will also look to ensure Independent Commission Against Corruption gets first preference to be legislated.

“We want to announce many things that we want to do now, first of all we have bring back the taskforce and legislate ICAC.

“To make sure that ICAC comes into operation, Sam Koim will be brought back and he will start doing his job again. This is one of the things that we have failed to do.”

O’Neill cheered on in Moresby South

May 26, 2017 – Post Courier

Peter O’Neill became the first sitting Prime Minister to visit Sabama in Moresby South and was greeted by 7000 cheering locals for an early evening rally yesterday.

Community leaders greeted the PM, together with NCD Governor Powes Parkop, and Member for Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko. Community leaders addressed the crowd before their elected leaders, giving an account of the changes in their area, particularly in education and healthcare, that have made a real difference to their lives.

The Prime Minister made it clear to the crowd that the Opposition has made it clear that they would cut funding for these services.

“We must continue with good change, and keep delivering free education and universal healthcare to our people, not the bad change the opposition wants, which will see these essential services cut.

“Do not turn back the turn back the clock, we must keep delivering free education for our children. Our country has a great future, and we have built strong foundations.”

The Member for Moresby South said the change in the district will see the leaders of some of the world’s biggest countries meet in the district next year.


Crowd Attending Tkatchenko and O’Neill talk at Sabama

“The Presidents of the United States, China, and Russia, and the Prime Minister of Japan, will be among world leaders who will meet in Moresby South at APEC Haus at Ela Beach.

“They will see the change that is taking place in our country and our city.”

Governor Parkop said it is time to keep embracing change. “Change does not happen because of any of us working alone.

“Because of our Prime Minister, and our Members including Justin Tkatchenko, we are delivering change in Port Moresby.

“We delivered the Pacific Games, we delivered FIFA, and we will deliver the Rugby League World Cup and APEC.

“By working in partnership we are building a world class national capital city for our country.”

National Alliance withdrawal is Expected – O’Neill

By: PNGloop – 17th May 2017

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the decision by the Parliamentary Wing of the National Alliance party to withdraw from the Government in the lead-up to elections

“The decision has been expected for some time, and the party continuing in the Government would have been hypocritical considering recent outbursts by some members,” the Prime Minister said.

“We thank them for their support over the past five years and their commitment to the policies and economic decisions of the Government.
“The policies of the PNC-led Government are the policies that NA members voted for and supported in Parliament.

“Their actions and comments during the course of this election campaign clearly reflect their current mind-set, where political convenience is being placed ahead of national interest.”
The PM says the people of this nation want to hear genuine and honest policy debate.
“So while some candidates might be tempted to now attack the same policies they once passionately supported, in doing so they are only harming their own credibility.

Police to remain Neutral

By : Post Courier

Police Chief of Operations Jim Andrews has appealed to members of security forces to take a neutral stand during 2017 National Election.

Mr Andrews issued the warning to all Police, Defence and Correctional Services personnel engaged in the election security operations not to take sides in supporting political parties or candidates.

The directive is to control the misuse of delegated duties, to minimise the abuse of police powers and corrupt practices during the polling and counting periods.

Mr Andrews said due to the importance of polling and the counting of ballot papers he has directed that tight security and safety will be maintained by Police, Defence and CS personnel in all polling and counting locations.

Jim Andrews

Police Chief of Operations Jim Andrews

“I have issued specific directives to all regional and provincial police commanders to maintain and issue these directives to all police personnel under their charge to be neutral at all times,” he said. He directed that security personnel are:

Not to compromise their positions and duties with any person;
Not to harass or intimidate voters for their favourite candidates;
Not to provide police escorts to candidates during campaigns, polling and counting periods; and

To at all time safe-guard a free, fair and safe 2017 National Election.

“I want to see the regional and provincial police commanders and all police personnel at the highest level to maintain their commitment, dedication and loyalty to duty to the Police Commissioner and his senior management.

“Any police personnel of any ranks disobey or ignore these directives will be removed from his or her operational location and to be dealt with by law,” Mr Andrews said.

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