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Deputy Pm Hailed For Election Return

Source: Post Courier Online


Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu has congratulated deputy prime minister Charles Abel for his early submission of his election returns.

Dr Gelu has said the deputy PM went ahead to personally fill in the Form 35 document, something which many MPs were not able to do personally.

“I am very happy with the deputy prime minister because what he did is that he did it himself. What most of the MPs do is they get their general secretaries to do it on their behalf,” Dr Gelu said.

“That is not what we expect from our MPs. They have to fill these forms themselves because they themselves know how much they got and how much they spent.”

“You cannot give to your general secretary because they will not know everything, so I want to remind our MPs to fill these forms themselves.”

Dr Gelu said that Mr Abel had managed, from his busy schedule, to fill in the form requested by the registry.

As of yesterday, four MPs had submitted their election returns along with only one political party.

He said the good sign so far has been an increase in the number of MPs visiting his office to obtain Form 35.

With two months left, the registry hopes more MPs will comply with the requirement as stipulated in the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and

Highway Blocked

PC Online


The Highlands Highway was completely blocked as of 8pm on Tuesday at Chuave, Chimbu Province, leaving hundreds of cargo trucks stranded in Goroka, EHP.

The Chuave section of the highway was blocked by relatives of Constable Alex Kopa, a policeman of the Chimbu Province-based mobile squad, MS06, who was killed in Wabag, Enga Province, during the recent National Election who wanted a fitting compensation from the State.

The locals ordered the cargo trucks to return to where they came from or their cargoes would be looted. The blockade stopped PMV buses and private vehicles using the Highlands Highway yesterday.

A truck driver, Willie Nick who was forced to turn back at Chuave on Tuesday morning said that road blocks of the Highlands Highway always put lives of drivers at risk.

Mr Nick said this issue should be addressed through appropriate channels and people should not take the law into their own hands. “This is also affecting the lives of people who are not part of the death of the policeman, who we all feel sorry for.

“The government must look at this issue seriously and address it with respect and accordingly so that it will not spill over and affect innocent people who are using the national highway.”

Police in Chimbu and Eastern Highlands provinces said they are working closely with the locals in Chuave to ask them to open the highway.

Second Term as PM


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill plans to correct his government’s past mistakes as he steers his new team through the next five years, with policies based on the Alotau Accord Two.

He was elected 60-46 by his coalition members in a drama-filled first day of the 10th Parliament.

“No government is ever perfect. No government delivers policy without challenges,” he said.

“In our last government, we admit where we could have done things better – and we’ll make improvements.”

O’Neill was declared PM by Speaker Job Pomat at 3.18pm after the opposition side did not nominate a candidate.

He told Parliament that members of the coalition developed the second version of the Alotau Accord during their working retreat this week.

“Under the theme Strongim wok na Sindaun bilong ol Pipol, we have agreed upon a substantial set of policies that will advance our nation,” he said.

“Our coalition agreed that the people want a Government that will cater for their well-being through economic empowerment.

“They want a Government that will deliver quality services in education, healthcare and infrastructure.

“And our people want improved security, and the highest level of good governance and transparency.”

He said they would continue to improve the quality of free education the expansion of universal healthcare.

“We will build capacity in our disciplined services by strengthening their leadership, and we will further improve law and order around our country.

“We will build and maintain more roads and highways, more hospitals, airports and sea ports, and other public infrastructure.

“These are all some of the central pillars that bind together the 84 commitments that our Government makes to you through the Second Alotau Accord.”

In another twist, the 46 MPs on the opposition benches were absent when O’Neill returned from his swearing-in at Government House.

O’Neill said it was an honor to be elected prime minister again.

“Now that we have formed Government, we won’t be discouraging the views that are different to ours,” he said.

“We want to encourage debate that will continue to unite our nation. We will be a Government that listens more, talks less and works harder at every opportunity. We will be a Government that learns from its mistakes.” O’Neill said regardless of the outcome of this election, and regardless of where MPs were seated in Parliament, “our people and nation’s interests must be our common goal”.

“We will draw from our past and work harder for our future.

“I congratulate all Members of Parliament who have been elected to this Honorable House. I thank you for your support in electing our Government.

“Again, let me stress, our doors are always open, we embrace your constructive views, and we look forward to your support as we advance our nation’s interests.

A caretaker Cabinet is expected to be named by Prime Minister O’Neill soon. In 2012, it comprised the leaders of the coalition parties.


Two members elect and independent candidates from Koroba-Kopiago and Komo-Magarima have announced their intention to join PNC Party.

Mr Petrus Thomas said during press conference that his decision was based on development and political stability.

“We strongly believe in a stable government that is able to deliver on development,” he said.

He also said the performance of PNC candidates across the country indicated that PNC would form government after elections this year.

New member elect for Komo-Magarima, Mr Manaseh Makiba also announced said aligning himself with PNC was about development in his electorate.

“Take note that PNC Party’s strong commitment to development policies especially the 4.27% equity share in the LNG project,” he said.

Mr Makiba stressed the importance of political stability PNC displayed over the past 5 years.

He said PNC policies were very practical and indicated a keen interest from other candidates in Hela Province also planning to join the party after winning their elections.

Manus Scores two for PNC


Peoples National Congress has secured two more seats in Manus.

This follows the simultaneous declarations of Charlie Benjamin and Job Pomat earlier this evening.

Mr Benjamin retains his place on the Governor’s seat, while Mr Pomat, a former MP ousted PNG National Party candidate, Ronny Knight, to become the Open MP.

Mr Pomat polled a total 6,844 votes, past the absolute majority of 6,371.

Manus also becomes the first province to have completed the 2017 National election, following these declarations.

NBC News – Reilly Kanamon (Lorengau)




  1. James Marape (PNC) – Tari-Pori Open (Sun 9th July)
    2. Justin Tkatchenko (PNC) – Moresby South Open (Wed 12th July)
    3. Dr. Allan Marat (MLP) – Rabaul Open (Fri 14th July)
    4. Peter O’Neill (PNC) – Ialibu-Pangia Open (Sat 15th July)
    5. Walter Schnaubelt (NA) – Namatanai Open (Sat 15th July)
    6. Petrus Nane Thomas (Ind) – Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open (Sun 16th July)
    7. Koni Iguan (PANGU) – Markham Open (Sun 16th July)
    8. Sam Basil (PANGU) – Bulolo Open (Sun 16th July)
    9. Job Pomat (PNC) – Manus Open (Sun 16th July)
    10. Charlie Benjamin (PNC) – Manus Regional (Sun 16th July)


O’Neill Declared on Absolute Majority 

—— Breaking News ——

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has beeen declared the winner for Ialibu-Pangia today on Absolute Majority votes.

After the last ballot box of 114 counted, Peter O’Neill polled 48,714 on first place and his nearest rival Stanley Liria polled 8,429.

Peter O’Neill as the leader for People’s Natuonal Congress Party joins James Marape and Justine Tkatchenko as 3rd declare MP for PNC.

Below are pictures of Peter O’Neill at Momei Oval.

Peter O’Neill comes into the Momei Oval Counting Center at Murumbu to be declared for the Ialibu -Pangia Open Seat for a 4th consecutive term. He has passed the 50% + 1 absolute majority threshold during the primary counts.
After Final count 114 the last box,

Peter O’Neill


Stanley liria


L Pangapea


Sam kari


Justin Rapula


Justine Tkatchenko to be declared on Absolute Majority!

Justine Tkatchenko to be declared on Absolute Majority
The voters have Moresby South have decided to return their sitting MP Justine Tkatchenko back to Parliament.
As of 4:30am this morning, the last box 96 in Moresby South has been counted.
After the final Count 96, Justine Tkatchenko polled 19,926.
The Absolute Majority to Win on the First Count is 18,734.
Final checks are now underway and Justine Tkatchenko will be the first MP to have won on Absolute Majority for 2017 National Election.
Justine Tkatchenko is a PNC candidate and brings their numbers to be 2 declared MP so far

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