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New Bill Geared To Give Leadership A Big Push

By : The National


PARLIAMENT yesterday unanimously passed a bill to establish the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore said the PNG Institute of Public Administration would now become the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance.

Kapavore said the transformation would raise the performance of public servants and also focus on gender equity.

Kapavore said it would bring greater training and capacity building to serve people in the provinces and districts.

“It will contribute hugely to the upgrading and integrity of our public service institutions with ethics and values enshrined in our constitution which will improve service delivery to our people,” he said.

“The PNGIPA is central to the modernisation of our institutions and lifts the capability of our public servants.

“Accordingly, this institution is to be renamed, restructured and repositioned to become the modern independent statutory authority. The creation of the modern institute highlights the important work that this government in partnership with Australia has undertaking to establish a Pacific leaders and governance precinct.

“The precinct has a design to strengthen pubic service and leadership ethical behaviour governance and core capabilities at the national provincial and district levels.

This modern institution will play an important role in the development and function of the priciest particularly mainstreaming ethical leadership values throughout the public sector.”


Acting PM Condemns Domestic Violence



Acting Prime Minister Charles Abel has condemned the ongoing occurrences of violence against women throughout Papua New Guinea.

“One of the important aspects that is affecting our culture today, one that is very upsetting and disturbing, is the violence that we continue to perpetuate against our women, particularly the violence that is happening in Papua New Guinea today, related to sorcery.

“This is happening throughout PNG, and I want to say, very clearly, that this is not part of our culture.

“The violence and the suppression of our women is not part of our culture,” he said,

He said using the excuse of sorcery, where men pick on old, vulnerable ladies, like widows, because they have some excuse or problems in their minds, they blame old, defenseless ladies is not PNG culture.

“It is only an act of cowardice, where Papua New Guinean men stand around and watch while other men torture old ladies, widows and young women, is not Papua New Guinea – that is a sick culture.

“Therefore, I want to condemn these actions, in the strongest and highest way possible. Those who perpetuate such violence against women are not men – they are cowards and bullies. If you are men, go pick on another man,” he said.

“I want those cowards to be stopped and the law to hold them to account. I am not proud to be a Papua New Guinean, when I see a Papua New Guinean man doing that to a Papua New Guinean lady,” he said.

He said such behavior is completely unacceptable and the government and all of us must do everything in our power to eradicate it.

Men Need to Stand Up to Prevent Violence Against Women

Men Need to Stand Up to Prevent Violence Against Women
PM Calls for Communities and Churches to Show Leadership

Approved for Release: 25 October 2017
Office of the Prime Minister
Papua New Guinea


Communities must stand up against any act of violence against women, and Churches must take a leading role in protecting victims and exposing violent men.

This is the message from the Prime Minster, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, to community and church leaders, as well as male family members who he said have a natural responsibility to protect their mothers, daughters and sisters.

“A man is a coward if he thinks it is ok to hit a woman, these abusers would not have the courage to hit a man who was bigger than they are, but they hit a woman who is smaller,” the Prime Minister said.

“We have enacted laws to prevent violence against women, but no Government in any country can stop violence against women without the active support of communities.

“There must be zero tolerance in our nation for violence against women, and community leaders must do more to help victims rather than supporting perpetrators.

“Community leaders are not truly leaders if they turn a blind eye to violence against women.

“Every human life matters and must be protected, and domestic violence is totally unacceptable.

“Any community or Church leader who turns a blind eye to even a single case of violence against women has let their people down, and has abandoned the Christian principles our Nation holds dear.”

The Prime Minister further called on the men in families to take a stand against any violence they see.

“I also appeal to the sons of our nation, if your Father beats your Mother you have to show that you are a man and stand up for your Mother.

“Your Mother gave you life, now you must protect her life and show gratitude for her commitment to you.

“The same goes for all the men in families, to brothers, uncles, and other male family members, do not turn a blind eye.”

The Prime Minister said the National Government will increase public awareness aimed at preventing domestic violence. This will be undertaken alongside the commitment of increased resources for police and courts to deal with violent men, as well as increased support for the victims of violence.

Women Encouraged to Enlist in Navy

BY JERRY SEFE ( Post Courier )


Papua New Guinea needs more women to join the Navy despite it being regarded as a male dominated profession.

The maritime element in the country is the naval branch of the PNGDF, being mainly a light patrol force responsible for defending local waters of the country.

Speaking at a workshop in Port Moresby on Wednesday, Warrant officer of Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) Wayne Dyke said this year’s focus is on empowering women in the maritime element in PNG and around the world.

“By doing so we identify the opportunities and challenges of all women in the Navy and the Maritime Element to achieve their dream and choices while serving in the force,” Mr Dyke said.

“But our aim now is to make sure there are right documents and strategies developed and set in place to help PNG encourage more women to join navy and maritime element.”

The RNZN team of male and female officers also outlined in their presentation that the key challenges that women today face are; retention, recruitment, work-life balance and the kind of development and trade imbalance in navy.

However, the opportunities include the flexible working of 8-hours for women, positive family support, effective parental leave of 18-weeks working and 12-months leave with a new breast feeding policy established to support RNZN women in navy.

The most important opportunity for RNZN women in navy is the significance of RNZN women’s development forum and steering committee responsible for providing support and advice for women in navy.

The workshop also identified that RNZN has a current record of 501 female officers out of 2173 naval officers with different ranks working in various departments. The youngest is 17 year olds to oldest 61 year olds.

RNZN’s longest serving females range from 35 years of service while out of the 501 females, RNZN has a parental record of 127 children including step children with range of ethnicities compared to PNG.

However for PNG only men were given the opportunity to undergo trainings to serve in the Navy and PNGDF Maritime Element in the past.

Today females are also given the opportunity to join Navy as Midshipman or Seaman while inheriting other male dominated carriers within three primary roles; support for military operations, EEZ protection, and heavy logistic support for the army and civil society.

Representatives from the other countries also pledged to work in partnership to help develop PNG Navy and the Maritime Element forces while providing support for each other.

Kuman Confident of Growth in Education

BY :  JERRY SEFE ( Post Courier )

Education Minister Nick Kuman is confident that the education sector is rapidly advancing due to the government’s firm commitment.

Mr Kuman said this last week when wishing the Grade 10s around the country “best of luck” in their national exams while acknowledging the government’s firm support with the tuition fee free (TFF) policy over the years.

He said the continuing commitment of the government is reflected in the “follow-on national education plan” (NEP) which builds on the many successes that the government has achieved in education in recent years, as well as learning from its mistakes.

“The NEP provides a roadmap for implementing the government’s commitment by providing education and training in technical and vocational skills that are essential for human development and building the nation,” Mr Kuman said.

The minister also said the focus today is to ensure that all the people of Papua New Guinea have the opportunity to have access to education and training that they are entitled to as citizens.

“Papua New Guineans must not be left out on education because of various contributing factors such as age groups, everyone is entitled to education and learning does not stop there,” he said.

“Basically our point and focus is on improving quality of education standard and take into account of widespread consultation as well gender equality which is a cross-cutting issue reflected in the plan all for a positive outcome of quality leaning.”

27,966 Sit For Grade 12 Exam

By : Post  Courier

UP to 27,966 Grade 12 students are sitting for their national exams which started yesterday with the mathematics paper one. Today will be the second day of the eight-day national examination period.

With entry levels raised quite high for next year, the Grade 12 students will have to score exceptionally high grades to qualify for spaces in tertiary institutions, including the six established universities.

Principal of Port Moresby National High school, David Diowai, is confident his grade 12 students will maintain the academic standard and performance of the school.

“Our school is very competitive academically in the country, and we hope to maintain the same position in the country as one of the top schools,” Mr Diowai said.

He said the school has eight Grade 12 classes, with a total of 323 students (191 males and 132 females) sitting for the examinations.

Meanwhile, Mr Diowai acknowledged the effort and commitment of the government in ensuring students have access to education through the tuition fee free (TFF) policy. However, he said the policy has also affected the school’s planning and budgeting processes.

“With TFF, we rely on the government, in which we receive funding quarterly. Most times we don’t receive the funds on time,” he said.

Mr Diowai said the management, in distributing the TFF funds, should carry out the policy in a more effective manner for the schools to run their affairs smoothly.

He said the school, including the other five national high schools, have 5 to 6 percent of their TFF payments still outstanding, and it is the same with other schools within the public school system in the country.


Let’s Go PNG

By : Post Courier

Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill are urging rugby league-mad Papua New Guineans to join them and barrack for PNG Hunters in their maiden grand final appearance in Australia this weekend.

The two leaders sent their well wishes yesterday to the Hunters as well as the Prime Minister’s XIII, who clash with Australia’s Prime Minister’s XIII in Port Moresby tomorrow.

About 4000 Papua New Guineans will be watching the Hunters v Sunshine Coast Falcons at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Sunday in a bid to win Queensland’s state competition – their first ever rugby league title.

Papua New Guineans living and working in Australia are making their way to the Suncorp Stadium to watch the game.

Members of Parliament, businessmen and women, and supporters have started arriving in Brisbane, including an Air Niugini charter from Port Moresby, for the clash.

Vice-regal Sir Bob expressed his best wishes to the PNG Hunters on Sunday and the PNG XIII who play at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby tomorrow.

“You are an inspiration to our young and old alike, that no matter where they are in our country, and whatever they do, be it in sports, business or community service, they too can have an impact on the international scene and make our nation proud,” Sir Bob Dadae said.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who is in the US, will not be present when the Hunters take on the Falcons, but he has sent his highest regards and best wishes for the team.

“Ever since the PNG Hunters were admitted to the Queensland Rugby League’s Intrust Cup competition in 2014, the team has represented Papua New Guinea, and our national sport, rugby league, in the best spirit of the game and our nation,” Mr O’Neill said.

The PNG Hunters has dominated the Queensland state competition this year, winning the minor premiership, and captain Ase Boas, the best and fairest.

If the Hunters win on Sunday, their journey won’t be over. “They’ll play the winner of the New South Wales competition, in yet another match that’s sure to stop a nation,” Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported yesterday.

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