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Independence Defined Moment of Freedom, Democracy: G-G

The National


THE lowering of the Australian flag 42 years ago defined the moment of truth, freedom and democracy that came with responsibility, Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae says.

He told a crowd at the Sir Ignatius Stadium in Lae to celebrate Independence Day that the greatest challenge for the nation was reorganising our diversity against the backdrop of various tribal and ethnic groupings and the customary land rights.

“Despite many obstacles, our founding fathers, led by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, were courageous to pursue self determination that resulted in self-government and eventually independence in 1975,” he said.

“We are indebted to them for their foresight in writing the first chapter of freedom in PNG’s modern history.
“As we celebrate, we pay tribute to those who walked ahead of us to set the path for independence 42 years ago.”
Sir Bob said what the colonial administration thought was a dream became a reality as the late Sir John Guise announced to the people that PNG was independent.

“The people of Lae city and Morobe also played a significant role in uniting our nation and our people during the pre-independence era. They overlooked regionalism and stood firm for unity for our nation and our people.”