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NRI : UN Will Stand As An Observer

BY MATTHEW VARI ( Post Courier )

There is no global policeman for international standards in situations where the United Nations is a witness to agreements like the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA).

That was the response to queries raised by Autonomous Bougainville Government minister for BPA implementation, Albert Punghar, on what the role and ability of the United Nations is, in regards to the agreement on Bougainville and its ability to ensure the goals are met.

Author of the referendum administration issues study for the PNG National Research Institute’s (NRI) Bougainville referendum project, Andrew Ellis, said though many would like to think so, the UN’s level of commitment does not extend to be a power in the decisions of referendum.

“The United Nations has taken the stand to witness the agreement and UN agencies are engaged in supporting Papua New Guinea and Bougainville in various ways relating to the implementation of the agreement,” Mr Ellis said.

“This suggests that there is some level of commitment, but it does not extend to being a power, because there isn’t a power for the UN to be an enforcement agency,” he said.

NRI’s fellow researcher and leading expert of referendums, Professor Matt Qvortrup, said despite the reality of political consequences that still exists with UN involvement in terms of international scrutiny, media focus and issues like the referendum can still be drummed up.

“There are a lot of political consequences for not applying with the agreement,” Professor Qvortrup said.

Prof. Qvortrup highlighted on the issue of indonesia.

“The problem for the Indonesian government is they could have probably gone to war with the East Timorese easily,” he said.

“Given the international climate at the time and the focus of the conflict they weren’t able to.”

He said there was more international focus on an administration, and there is likely people will follow that commitment.

O’Neill Explores Opportunity with QATAR

By : Post Courier


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the opening of discussions with Qatar to initiate co-operation opportunities in the oil and gas, food production and processing and the financial sectors.

Taking part in a two-day official visit to the State of Qatar, at the invitation of its Prime Minister.

Mr O’Neill said now is the time to work with more partners in the global community to strengthen key sectors of the economy.

Meeting with Qatar’s Minister of Economy and Commerce, Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al-Thani, in Doha last night.

Mr O’Neill said there are several opportunities the two countries will pursue in the coming months.

“Qatar has an economy that shares several economic synergies with Papua New Guinea, particularly in the oil and gas sector,” he said.

“Over the past decade, they have built a leading presence in the LNG sector and works with several of the same companies as Papua New Guinea.

“While both of our countries are active in the market, there are opportunities to work together on technical issues, and there is the potential for investment.”

He said as the country prepares for the next LNG project, it is important for PNG to work with other countries and gain from their experience as well as strengthen our position as a nation.

Mr O’Neill said there is also interest in Qatar to be active in Papua New Guinea’s expanding agricultural sector.

“Strengthening domestic food security in, as well as expanding our export markets, is essential for our country.

“We have enormous potential in our agricultural sector, but we cannot do this alone. We need to be proactive in attracting foreign investment, as well as strengthening our technical and skills capacity,” Mr O’Neill said.

Qatar has made substantial investments in several countries around the world and is looking at further expansion.

“We will maintain a dialogue with the Qatar government and relevant agencies as we explore the potential for investment growth and technical co-operation with the nation,” the prime minister said.

PNG an Official APEC Hosting Nation

By : Post Courier


PAPUA New Guinea is now officially an APEC hosting nation after Prime Minister Peter O’Neill met with all the 21 APEC economy leaders in Da Nang, Vietnam for the 2017 Summit.

The gavel and key were officially handed to PNG on Friday.

Preparation to host APEC – Asia-Pacific – Economic Co-operation Leaders’ Summit next year is well underway.

The leaders of the 21 APEC member economies who met for a week in Da Nang are determined to take bolder and sustained collective actions to inject new dynamism into APEC co-operation.

Leaders sought to formulate a shared vision for advancing APEC’s role as a driver of economic integration and growth, an incubator of ideas for economic co-operation, a coordinating mechanism of trade agreements, and a global leader in addressing pressing problems. These will be carried on as the discussion agenda in PNG when the country hosts APEC.

This is to better position people and businesses across the Asia Pacific to navigate complex and fundamental shifts in the regional and global landscapes, building on the half century of progress achieved through voluntary, non-binding, consensus-based co-operation between APEC economies that is well suited for today’s new realities.

“APEC has shown its dynamism, adaptability and flexibility towards changes,” Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang, chair of the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, said.

“The Bogor Goals of free and open trade and investment, and the support for the multilateral trading system, as well as the growth of connectivity strategies and programs have provided the long-term orientations for APEC’s activities and afforded hundreds of concrete cooperation areas, including next-generation trade and investment issues.

“These have also responded to the new demands of the digital era. Yet, regional economic integration has been impeded by global uncertainties facing free and open trade,” he said.

President Quang pointed to unfolding world security and economic and social transition challenges that threaten the momentum of trade and growth recovery.

“Within a year since our last meeting in Peru, we have witnessed changes more rapid and complex than we expected,” he said.

“This requires APEC to uphold its leadership in finding new drivers for growth, trade, investment, connectivity and in finding ways to ensure that the benefits of globalisation and economic integration are equally distributed.”

Leaders are exchanging their views on how APEC can promote balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative and secure growth and employability; create new drivers for regional economic integration, strengthen the capacity and innovation of micro, small and medium enterprises, and enhance food security and sustainable agriculture in response to climate change, he said.

“Only by so doing, can we contribute to a peaceful, stable, dynamic, interconnected and prosperous Asia-Pacific,” President Quang said.

Twain to Represent PNG at Pacific Pageant

By : The National


MISS Queen Emma Chocolates Nialawin Twain will represent the country at the Miss Pacific Islands pageant to be held in Fiji from Dec 2 to 9.

Patron Linda Babao-O’Neill said the pageant not only empowered young people but was also a platform “to showcase and preserve our culture, traditions, and our way of life”.

She said Twain would be the cultural ambassador at the regional pageant and the climate change advocate for the country.

“PNG and other Pacific Islands countries remain extremely vulnerable to the climate change that include extreme tropical storms, severe droughts and sea level rising in coastal communities and much more,” Babao-O’Neill said.

“This ongoing disaster needs to be stopped.”

Twain, born and raised in Morobe, is employed by the Korobosea Medical Clinic, and is hoping to complete a medical laboratory science programme next year.

“I believe the pageant is a leadership building arena that has changed perceptions, impacted lives and can inspire change,” she said.

Twain also received awards for best topic, best sarong wea and best traditionally-inspired dress.

Miss Kuna Taberia Kiruwi Esther Aiga received the Miss Tourism Award, Miss International Training Institute Shiella Yama received the Miss Friendship and second runner-up awards, Miss Balance Fund Renee Siaguru received best talent and first runner-up awards, Miss After Dark Fashion Rachel Ezekiel received Miss Photogenic and third runner-up awards, and Miss Institute of Business Studies University Rosemary Lawih received the patron’s award.

Chairperson Molly O’Rourke said another important aspect of the pageant was the scholarship fund which assisted young women to complete or continue their education in tertiary institutions.

Since the inception of the pageant in 2011, the committee had raised more than K600,000 and assisted 193 women to continue or complete their education in colleges and tertiary institutions.

Pato Thanks Aust for Always Lending a Hand

By HELEN TARAWA in Vietnam (The National )


Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato thanked Australia for its support to Papua New Guinea in many issues including Apec 2018.

Pato, who met Australian counterpart Julie Bishop at the bilateral meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Wednesday, said it was always a pleasure when both ministers meet.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet at every opportunity that’s possible. That shows the bonds of friendship and ties between PNG and Australia and thank you always for the support that Australia gives to PNG,” Pato said.

“Our preparations and team work has been fantastic; we’ve built the security issues together with New Zealand and our teams have been good working together.”

Bishop said there have been a number of high level ministerial exchanges with PNG.

“We are very pleased that our prime ministers met at the Pacific Islands Forum and at the NRL grand final and we have had some very productive discussions about how to work in partnership with you in preparations for Apec 2018,” she said.

“It will be a significant even for PNG and for the Pacific and I’m looking forward to visit in mid-December and also looking forward to the Australia-PNG Ministerial Forum early next year.

“There’s so much for Australia and PNG to discuss.

“I’m pleased that we are both at this meeting before PNG’s hosting of Apec in 2018 and I’m certainly looking forward to a number of issues that are being discussed in advance to your hosting the next Apec.”

It is Time to Move: PM

BY : The National


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has cautioned the ringleaders of a demonstration at the former Manus regional processing centre and said it is time to move to the new accommodation.

“The Manus centre was established for the sole reason of processing asylum claims, now all claims have been processed and the centre has closed,” O’Neill said.

“The centre will not be reopened and it will be returned to its former function as a Defence Force facility. Given the Supreme Court’s decision, the Government has no choice but to intervene for the wellbeing of both the refugees and non-refugees.

“Those involved in disruption have been identified and appropriate means will be used to apprehend individuals who are causing unnecessary anxiety and violence.

“Their actions are now heading towards a law-and-order situation, as well as a hygiene and sanitation problem, and it will be dealt with as such, whether they are genuine refugees or not.

“There are 610 men on Manus who have been found to be refugees and arrangements are being made to settle them in third countries. There are also 210 men who have been found to not be legitimate refugees.

“Now that the processing of asylum claims have been completed, the relocation exercise is taking place where there is a separation of genuine and non-genuine refugees.

“The locations to where they are being moved have much better facilities than the closed centre, with services and utilities provided for much more comfort and healthier living.

“Our government and the people of Manus are asking all refugees and non-refugees to behave in a peaceful and orderly manner.”

PNG Thanks China

By : Post Courier

China assists national government in development

The Government has thanked the Government of China for its continued development assistance to Papua New Guinea.

National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru, met Chinese Ambassador, Xue Bing, this week and thanked the Chinese government for its support through its development aid program.

Mr Maru is also responsible for development assistance with responsibilities comprising the mobilisation of development assistance from other countries.

He acknowledged the recent support of the government of China to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force when it gave 62 military vehicles, worth K17.5 million.

He said the government of PNG will be requesting further financial assistance from China for the upgrade of roads, the upcoming APEC leaders’ summit which will be hosted in the country on 2018.

“This is especially for the city roads in Port Moresby and the convention centre.

“For APEC we are also seeking further assistance for the PNG Defence Force through their civil action program,” Mr Maru said.

He has also supported calls by the Rai Coast district in Madang Province – host of the Ramu Sugar project and the wharf and processing plant for the world-class Ramu Nickel mine – to appeal to the Chinese government to focus some of its development aid into the district.

“Our Government is keen to see the development of the road from Erima junction to Saidor station including building bridges across the rivers from Erima to the station”, he said.

With the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project being built by a Chinese company, minister Maru is also requesting for China to fund more economic development projects to help build the economy of for the province.



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