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Celebration of Faith for Papua New Guinea

By : Post Courier


Churches are the cornerstone of PNG communities, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“We will continue to strengthen our partnership,” Mr O’Neill said in his Christmas message.
Christmas is the time of the year when Papua New Guineans come together as a nation, he said.
“In our communities, our Churches and in our family homes, we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.
“This birth in a manger in Bethlehem, more than 2000 years ago, was the start of a new era for humankind.
“Through our Christian faith we celebrate goodwill, and we share a belief in doing the right thing.”
Monday, December 25, and Tuesday, Boxing Day, are public holidays.
In his first Christmas message since formation of Government since the 2017 national election, Mr O’Neill said that the churches and Government are working together.
“We are delivering better education for our children, we are providing better healthcare services to help our people to recover from sickness and injury.
“Christmas is also a time to reflect on our own lives, on our families and our friends.
“It is a time for us all to look at the contribution that we make to the people around us.”
Mr O’Neill said Papua New Guineans live in an “amazing country”. PNG had more potential than almost anywhere else in the world, he added. “We are blessed with diverse cultures, and we are rich in resources.
“But to reach our best, we have to believe in ourselves, and we have to believe in all that we can achieve.
“As we celebrate this festive season, I ask you to please also spare a thought for people who might be spending Christmas alone.
“Invite them into your home to share the spirit with you.
“May you, and your family, have a joyous and safe Christmas. There are often a lot of accidents in the Christmas period, so we ask everyone to be careful. Look after each other, and set an example for those around you.
“From my family, and from our Government, may we wish a Merry Christmas to everyone in PNG.”


DWU final year Students set for Missioning

BY FRANKLIN KOLMA ( Post Courier )

About 353 final year undergraduate students will mark their completion of studies at Divine Word University’s Madang campus on Friday when they partake in the ninth annual missioning ceremony.

The ceremony will be witnessed by over 700 parents and guardians, and is the university and its students formal way of appreciation for the support given by parents and guardians during their time as members of the DWU community.

During the event, each student will be given a DWU pendant in the shape of a cross which has been blessed. The cross symbolises students’ readiness into the workforce as professionals who possess Christ-like principles promoted through DWU core values.

The values are integrity, academic excellence, community service/engagement, respect, diversity, hospitality, learning for life and social responsibility.

About 40 per cent of the final year undergraduate students who have completed studies are from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS).

Majority of the students from this faculty are from rural health program, which produces health professionals to work as rural health officers formerly known as health extension officers.

The Faculty of Business and Informatics will have over 120 students participating. Out of this, 47 students are from the business accounting program. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will have over 60 students.

Pacific Islands Forum secretary general, Dame Meg Taylor will give the parental address on behalf of parents.

No polling on Saturday


Concerns raised by the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church leaders have been noted and polling date changes made, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says.

According to the elections schedule, polling starts on June 24 which is a Saturday, a day observed as Sabbath by the SDA followers.

Mr Gamato said the third inter-departmental election committee meeting yesterday decided that Saturday Sabbath observers would still be able to vote.

“Polling start on Saturday but we will not actually poll on Saturday; the polling will start on Monday so everyone can vote,” he said.


Members of the Seventh Day Adventist church during a baptism ceremony.


Government Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari also announced that June 27 is being considered as a public holiday to allow for more workers, especially public servants, to vote.

The request was made by Port Moresby candidates two weeks to mark June 27 as a public holiday so that Port Moresby has an extra day for polling.

“For the public servants, we are consulting the Secretary for Personnel Management. We want all public servants and all registered voters to participate. We’ll take that into account and hopefully Secretary Kali will make an announcement soon,” Mr Lupari said.

Fr. Jan Czuba is new High Education Secretary 

BY: Cedric Patjol

May 4, 2017
The Government has appointed Father Jan Czuba as the Secretary for the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.
This was announced by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in an interview on NBC Radio today.
O’Neill said the National Executive Council made the appointment recently.

The Prime Minister stated that Fr Jan has extensive experience in the education field, particularly his experience in developing the Divine Word University in Madang.
O’Neill said Fr Jan’s appointment will complement the PNC-led coalitions’ policies to improve the education sector in PNG.
“Now we want him to have a national stage to develop and drive, so we just appointed him the Secretary for Higher Education to drive that tertiary education for our children all throughout the country.
“And you will see a renewed passion coming in there and we are committed to stand behind him, making sure that we make the differences in all the universities, all the technical collages, all the institutions that we want our kids to get the best education possible,” said O’Neill.
Fr Jan has replaced Professor David Kavanamur, who has resigned to pursue other careers.

NCD Regional candidates collaborating to unseat Parkop

May 1, 2017Report by MEROLYN TEN
The majority of candidates contesting in the NCD regional seat intend to work together purposely to remove the sitting MP and Governor Powes Parkop.
At a gathering last Friday in Port Moresby, four candidates including Michael Kandiu, Jamie Maxtone-Graham, James Melegepa and Vamaga Stow voiced their election intentions particularly to bring forth a huge challenge against Mr Parkop.
“We will be working as a team against Mr Parkop as we are dissatisfied with the developments seeing that people have no home and are still living in poverty,” said Mr Kandiu.
He said with the kind of funds NCD receives, by now all settlements should be transformed into suburban areas.

“Why are people in the squatter settlements and villages of Motu-Koitabu still using toilet pits, no power supply and some are still fetching water from a long distance for survival?” he queried.
“It is unfair to see our own people have been evicted from places which they call their homes, and where they have been settling for decades. Land have been taken by force and given to Asians to do small trade stores which Papua New Guineas should be doing,” he said.
Mr Melegepa added that the city truly needs to be fundamentally changed so that people could no longer live in poverty.

Stow said small men and women who have been voting leaders into power must be part and parcel of the development in the city and they must feel the impact of the positive development.
“It is a total joke to host a big event like the APEC meeting when people are still living in poverty. We have to look at our people’s need and fix them before going out. If it means for us to cancel the 2018 APEC meeting and focus on people then we should do that,” said Mr Maxtone-Graham.

During a telephone correspondence yesterday afternoon, Mr Parkop referred to those concerns as ‘Wannabe leaders promoting negativity’.
“It is sad for people like Jamie Maxtone-Graham, who has been rejected in the past elections, to come preach here. We should talk about solutions and great vision for our city,” Mr Parkop said.

PM praises Govt & Churches Partnership

 By :The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has applauded the churches for their partnership with the Government in delivering basic services such as education and health.

He opened the National United Foursquare Church women’s convention in Port Moresby attended church members from around the country.

O’Neill told the women at the Sir John Guise indoor stadium that the undying efforts of mothers to ensure a strong family would be seen in the communities.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neil meeting some of the women delegates.

“Our women, especially our mothers, are largely responsible for taking care of our finances wisely, they take care of our children with love and care,” he said.

“They take care of our household with effectiveness, and they deserve to be held in the highest regard and respect.”

He said the Government’s partnership with the churches had overcome challenges in the delivery of services to the rural and remote communities.

Cardinal Ribat welcomed home

CARDINAL Sir John Ribat arrived in East New Britain yesterday afternoon to a rousing welcome at Tokua airport.

When he stepped out of the airplane, his people from the Balanataman LLG in Rabaul district gathered on the tarmac shouted with joy as they welcomed him. He was greeted at the airport by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion, Archbishop of Rabaul Francesco Panfilo, former Archbishop of Rabaul Karl Hesse, Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat, Pomio MP Elias Kapavore and other officials.
This is Cardinal Ribat’s maiden visit to ENB since his appointment by Pope Francis on Nov 19.
While in ENB, he will celebrate mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral at Vunapope, St Joseph’s Parish at Malaguna, OLSH Parish at Volavolo, St Xavier Catholic Church at Kuragaga in Rabaul and St Mathew Parish at Vunamarita in Gazelle.