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Projects Will Change Lives, Improve Standard of Living, says O’Neill

The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed US$4.46 billion (K14 billion) worth of projects to be funded by China.
After signing documents with Chinese officials in Port Moresby yesterday for the projects – roads, agricultural industrial parks and the Goroka town water supply – O’Neill said:  “They will continue to change the lives and improve the standards of living for our people in many of the provinces.
“These are particularly the road and port projects.

“Those projects have been on the agenda for many governments in the past, particularly ports in Gulf, Madang and elsewhere.

“The road list that they have been talking about include the ‘missing links’ of our country.

“Communities have been isolated for no apparent reason except that they don’t have a road or they don’t have a port.

“This is a great initiative which will not only improve people’s lives, but give us an opportunity for many of our people to engage in meaningful investments, trade and job opportunities.

“The Chinese people, government and China Railway are very strong partners with our country.

“They have continued to build many of the large projects that we have initiated over the last five years.

“They will continue to build on that success.
“China Railway is one of the top companies in China and globally.

“We are lucky that they are now investing their own money and resources in these projects.

“They believe in the prospects for prosperity in our country.”
O’Neill said the onus was now on the national and provincial governments in the country to make the projects happen.

“These projects have been the dream of our people for many years,” he said.

“They do not deserve to be isolated.

“They deserve these projects to be introduced in a timely manner.

“That is why we encourage a fast approach in submitting all the documentation that is needed for us to introduce these projects.”

The three major projects are the US$4.1 billion high priority economic road project, US$330 million PNG-China integrated agriculture industrial park projects in Western and Eastern Highlands, and US$32 million Goroka town water supply upgrade.

Also included are wharves at Paia Inlet in Gulf, Bogia in Madang and Angoram in East Sepik.

Wereh Stresses On Transport

Source: PC Online


WORKS Secretary David Wereh has warned all landowners and people vandalising state assets on the roads throughout the country that the Protection of Transport Infrastructure Act 2010 is in operation and very effective.

This is the act that saved K120 million of claims against the state on roads issues. Wereh warned that vandalism, blocking of roads and others along the Highlands Highway and other national highways will have severe penalties under this Act – some of which is up to a five-year jail term or K100,000 to K1 million fine.

Wereh said the first Kainantu case undertaken in court under this had saved K120 million in claims and that there were more cases pending.

The act deals with demands for compensation or other payment, extended responsibility for family and other persons, attempts and like offences and threat to commit an offence.

“Being an Act to provide for the protection of transport infrastructure and the land, water and air on or in which transport infrastructure is located and for related purposes, it has got severe penalties – block off public transport infrastructure assets etc,” Mr Wereh said.

“The law is already in operation. It’s the enforcement rate and the Kainantu case is the first case. We successfully obtained a restraining order using this law.”

Wereh said the government’s position is very clear on unreasonable compensation demands by opportunists living along the national highway corridors, that it would not entertain any compensation claims by people and business houses alongside major roads.

He said that his department was already acquiring and paying genuine customary land and property owners affected on all road projects sites around the country through the establish process. We will not entertain any self-valued and assessed claims.

“This is an illegal practice and will be dealt with by law,” he said. No individuals or tribe living along the highway should take their grievance to the national Highways. There is an established process to follow in pursuing grievance and claims affecting the greater public. “

He said the Transport Infrastructure assets around the country are now protected by the Transport Infrastructure protection Act 2010. All citizens living along these important infrastructure corridors are required by law not to conduct any of their self-serving activities.

Wereh said that the Kainantu court order was issued after landowners set up a roadblock at Bane which was illegal and police personnel had to clear the highway, which belonged to the public and not to any particular tribe or clan.

“We must be very considerate of many others who depend on the highways as a lifeline for service delivery and business for their daily living.

“The laws are very tough and will severely deal with anyone who want to stage illegal road blocks and vandalize road assets.”

“The message to the people is simple: Do not block public roads because they do not belong to you even if they run through your land. You are just creating problems for yourself.”

Highlands H’way Needs Reconstruction, says Nali

By : LUKE KAMA ( The National )


THE Highlands Highway from Nadzab in Lae to Mount Hagen in Western Highlands needs “a total reconstruction” instead of just maintenance or upgrading, Works Minister Michael Nali says.

He travelled from Mt Hagen to Lae by road to see for himself the condition of the national highway.

“I have travelled through and have seen that the highway needs a thorough reconstruction,” he said.

“So through the K3 billion Asian Development Bank-financed project, we will reconstruct the highway because this highway we are using now was built a long time ago. It does not meet our current needs and demands.

“That’s why it is deteriorating and we need to reconstruct it – not just upgrade and maintain.”

He said advanced designs and engineering were needed.

“The tender will be out soon and it will involve two phases – design and construction,” he said.

“Also there will be two stages – one from Nadzab to Henganofi and one from Henganfi to Kagamuga in Mount Hagen. There will be a Simbu section from Chuave to Munde.”

Kaiaworks Construction Limited project engineer Rex Ate fixing the Mata section of the Highlands highway in Chimbu thanked Nali and Works Secretary David Wereh for actually driving through the road to see for themselves the status of the highway.

Koura Opens to Ease City Congestion

By PHOEBE GWANGILO ( The National )


PORT Moresby residents now have a new K80.3 million road to use which connects Waigani to Hanuabada.

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop called it another milestone for the capital city — to benefit the residents of Tokarara, June Valley, Hanuabada and Badihagwa.

“Thank you all for turning up for this importation occasion, the opening of the Koura Way — the extension of the old road and the new road,” he said. “ It is another milestone and another step towards achieving the goal that we have set to transform our city and country.”

City manager Lesley Alu said the Koura (valley in Motu) Way was funded from a Bank of South Pacific loan and built by the China Harbour Engineering Company.

“It was initially planned to be a four-lane road linking Waigani Drive to the Badihagwa Roundabout, but was changed to link the Hanuabada bypass to avoid disruptions to the Badihagwa Secondary School and link more properties,” Alu said.

“There will be about 250 energy-saving lights installed for the full length of the road. We will also provide power from June Valley to Hanuabada.

“We are also creating a small lookout point with adequate parking space at the crest for people with families to enjoy the view.

“This facility will be given to landowners to generate income for their community.”

NCDC gives K1mil for Sirinumu, Iarowari Road

The National


THE National Capital District Commission has allocated K1 million for the upgrade and sealing of the final  5km of road from Sirinumu to Iarowari, in Sogeri.

Parkop said that was the plan they had put in place and he has called on stakeholders to do their part to resolve the landowners’ demand.

The landowners forcibly took the keys from officers in charge of the dam on Friday in an attempt to close it. They were complaining about the failure of the authorities to upgrade the road.

Armed with a restraining order from the court on Saturday, PNG Power officials and NCD police went to Sirinumu and took the keys from the landowners.

Parkop said that since Friday he had been working with PNG Power acting chief executive officer Alex Oa, Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi, Central police commander Liamo Asi, Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Kairuku-Hiri MP  Peter Isoaimo and president of Koiari local level government Ogi David to resolve the matter.

“We eventually got the landowners to hand over the key to the valve at the dam and hand over the vehicle they illegally seized to PNG Power. I am pleased that the situation has gone back to normal,” Parkop said.

Highway Blocked

PC Online


The Highlands Highway was completely blocked as of 8pm on Tuesday at Chuave, Chimbu Province, leaving hundreds of cargo trucks stranded in Goroka, EHP.

The Chuave section of the highway was blocked by relatives of Constable Alex Kopa, a policeman of the Chimbu Province-based mobile squad, MS06, who was killed in Wabag, Enga Province, during the recent National Election who wanted a fitting compensation from the State.

The locals ordered the cargo trucks to return to where they came from or their cargoes would be looted. The blockade stopped PMV buses and private vehicles using the Highlands Highway yesterday.

A truck driver, Willie Nick who was forced to turn back at Chuave on Tuesday morning said that road blocks of the Highlands Highway always put lives of drivers at risk.

Mr Nick said this issue should be addressed through appropriate channels and people should not take the law into their own hands. “This is also affecting the lives of people who are not part of the death of the policeman, who we all feel sorry for.

“The government must look at this issue seriously and address it with respect and accordingly so that it will not spill over and affect innocent people who are using the national highway.”

Police in Chimbu and Eastern Highlands provinces said they are working closely with the locals in Chuave to ask them to open the highway.

Mine Generates K1.95bn In Benefits

August 15, 2017

Source: Post Courier

Lihir Gold Mine continues to generate direct benefits for Papua New Guinea.
Miner-Newcrest said in January-December 2016 this had translated to K69.9million in royalty payments and a further K40m in January-June of 2017.

These royalty payments flow to the PNG national, provincial and local level governments to support their development priorities and provision of critical services, while also directly to the landowners.

Other economic contributions from mine during January-December 2016 had totaled K1.95 billion of which K741 million had been payments to local suppliers for good and services, contracts-K806 million, government taxes K144 million, salaries K185 million.

“Newcrest also contributes to the New Ireland community by providing infrastructure services through the Tax Credit Scheme (TCS).

“These projects include roads, education facilities, provision of power and water to the local villages, and access to better health services,” the miner stated.

“Newcrest spends K18 million every year to manage the Lihir Medical Centre, which provides dentistry, optometry, antenatal services, as well as malaria and yaws research.”

The firms country manager Peter Aitsi in commenting said: “When Newcrest performs well, PNG benefits and when PNG is strong we can achieve more together.

“That’s why Newcrest invests in programs that will help people across PNG build a more prosperous future.”

Meanwhile, the firm in its full year financial results released on the stock market yesterday, had highlighted that the Australian firm’s results were driven by a strengthened annual gold production at Lihir.

It was also a testament to the hard work of its staff onsite.


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