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O’Neill Wants Churches to Lead Sorcery Fight



Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called on churches to take the lead in the fight against sorcery accusations and violence against women in villages.

O’Neill said the old mentality and belief in sorcery was affecting the nation in rural and urban areas.

He said the most affected were always women and girls.

O’Niell called on churches to lead in driving awareness in the villages because the government could not go there. He said the elimination of gender-based violence (GBV) and sorcery accusations needed the help of the churches.

“Our churches must identify solutions and address these social issues in our villages and communities, and address it through mission and the word of God,” he said.

“The church has an important role to play among our population by influencing people’s behaviour.”

O’Neill acknowledged church workers in rural areas but said the issues were affecting people.

He said the government was ready to work with churches to address sorcery and gender-based violence.

The prime minister was speaking at Mogl Kagai village in Sinasina-Yongomulg, Chimbu, on the first day of the 31st synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG.

The church’s Bishop Rev Jack Urame said they were ready to work with the government to address issues that were affecting people in rural areas.


It is Time to Move: PM

BY : The National


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has cautioned the ringleaders of a demonstration at the former Manus regional processing centre and said it is time to move to the new accommodation.

“The Manus centre was established for the sole reason of processing asylum claims, now all claims have been processed and the centre has closed,” O’Neill said.

“The centre will not be reopened and it will be returned to its former function as a Defence Force facility. Given the Supreme Court’s decision, the Government has no choice but to intervene for the wellbeing of both the refugees and non-refugees.

“Those involved in disruption have been identified and appropriate means will be used to apprehend individuals who are causing unnecessary anxiety and violence.

“Their actions are now heading towards a law-and-order situation, as well as a hygiene and sanitation problem, and it will be dealt with as such, whether they are genuine refugees or not.

“There are 610 men on Manus who have been found to be refugees and arrangements are being made to settle them in third countries. There are also 210 men who have been found to not be legitimate refugees.

“Now that the processing of asylum claims have been completed, the relocation exercise is taking place where there is a separation of genuine and non-genuine refugees.

“The locations to where they are being moved have much better facilities than the closed centre, with services and utilities provided for much more comfort and healthier living.

“Our government and the people of Manus are asking all refugees and non-refugees to behave in a peaceful and orderly manner.”

PNG Thanks China

By : Post Courier

China assists national government in development

The Government has thanked the Government of China for its continued development assistance to Papua New Guinea.

National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru, met Chinese Ambassador, Xue Bing, this week and thanked the Chinese government for its support through its development aid program.

Mr Maru is also responsible for development assistance with responsibilities comprising the mobilisation of development assistance from other countries.

He acknowledged the recent support of the government of China to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force when it gave 62 military vehicles, worth K17.5 million.

He said the government of PNG will be requesting further financial assistance from China for the upgrade of roads, the upcoming APEC leaders’ summit which will be hosted in the country on 2018.

“This is especially for the city roads in Port Moresby and the convention centre.

“For APEC we are also seeking further assistance for the PNG Defence Force through their civil action program,” Mr Maru said.

He has also supported calls by the Rai Coast district in Madang Province – host of the Ramu Sugar project and the wharf and processing plant for the world-class Ramu Nickel mine – to appeal to the Chinese government to focus some of its development aid into the district.

“Our Government is keen to see the development of the road from Erima junction to Saidor station including building bridges across the rivers from Erima to the station”, he said.

With the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project being built by a Chinese company, minister Maru is also requesting for China to fund more economic development projects to help build the economy of for the province.



PNG Has No Obligation to Keep Refugees : Kantha

By ISAAC NICHOLAS ( Post Courier )

Papua New Guinea will be pushing for a review of the current Refugee Resettlement Agreement (RRA) on the future of the remaining refugees on Manus Island.

Acting Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha said yesterday that PNG currently does not have an obligation to continue keeping the refugees on Manus Island.

“The key aspect in the revised agreement and PNG’s position is that we will put on the table, one is the clear understanding of responsibilities, obligations, what type of level of funding or other support that must be provided to PNG,” Mr Kantha said

“Another issue is a reasonable time-frame. Obviously individuals who are here are not going to remain forever in Manus. We will try to reduce their numbers as much as possible.”

Mr Kantha in an interview at Harbourside hotel in Lorengau said that going forward there are a lot of challenges as the Minister for Immigration and Border Security Petrus Thomas has highlighted, PNG has no obligation under the current arrangement to deal with new groups that have come out in terms of processing.

“Initial agreement is for us to accept the transfer of asylum seekers, process them and resettle them and only those willing to resettle in PNG will stay,” Kantha said

“Now we have two groups who do not want to resettle in PNG and those who do not have any legal basis to remain as refugees.

“This falls outside the current agreement and that is why Australia will continue to support the facility until we find a solution.”

He said the way forward will be what PNG Immigration and Australian Border Force decides in the next week.

Mr Kantha said himself and Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari had a meeting on Tuesday with the Australian High Commissioner and a representative of the Australian Border Force to “urgently” request a meeting to discuss a way forward in the interest of both Governments on how to deal with the people remaining on Manus.

“For PNG’s interest what we want to do is we want a clear way forward in terms of the future of refugees who do not have any basis for remaining in the country so they have to go,” he said.

“There is a handful of them that cannot return to their country because they cannot accept them so there is a need for Australia to support PNG to move them out.”

Kantha said many under this category are the biggest group of Iranians, Iraqis and Pakistanis who remain defiant at Lombrum and are not refugees.

“Way forward is to get an understanding on how we can deal with them, the sooner we reduce the number, it is better for us to manage and better in terms of local perception in terms of their security concerns both for refugees and locals,” he said.

Acting PM Condemns Domestic Violence



Acting Prime Minister Charles Abel has condemned the ongoing occurrences of violence against women throughout Papua New Guinea.

“One of the important aspects that is affecting our culture today, one that is very upsetting and disturbing, is the violence that we continue to perpetuate against our women, particularly the violence that is happening in Papua New Guinea today, related to sorcery.

“This is happening throughout PNG, and I want to say, very clearly, that this is not part of our culture.

“The violence and the suppression of our women is not part of our culture,” he said,

He said using the excuse of sorcery, where men pick on old, vulnerable ladies, like widows, because they have some excuse or problems in their minds, they blame old, defenseless ladies is not PNG culture.

“It is only an act of cowardice, where Papua New Guinean men stand around and watch while other men torture old ladies, widows and young women, is not Papua New Guinea – that is a sick culture.

“Therefore, I want to condemn these actions, in the strongest and highest way possible. Those who perpetuate such violence against women are not men – they are cowards and bullies. If you are men, go pick on another man,” he said.

“I want those cowards to be stopped and the law to hold them to account. I am not proud to be a Papua New Guinean, when I see a Papua New Guinean man doing that to a Papua New Guinean lady,” he said.

He said such behavior is completely unacceptable and the government and all of us must do everything in our power to eradicate it.

Women Encouraged to Enlist in Navy

BY JERRY SEFE ( Post Courier )


Papua New Guinea needs more women to join the Navy despite it being regarded as a male dominated profession.

The maritime element in the country is the naval branch of the PNGDF, being mainly a light patrol force responsible for defending local waters of the country.

Speaking at a workshop in Port Moresby on Wednesday, Warrant officer of Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) Wayne Dyke said this year’s focus is on empowering women in the maritime element in PNG and around the world.

“By doing so we identify the opportunities and challenges of all women in the Navy and the Maritime Element to achieve their dream and choices while serving in the force,” Mr Dyke said.

“But our aim now is to make sure there are right documents and strategies developed and set in place to help PNG encourage more women to join navy and maritime element.”

The RNZN team of male and female officers also outlined in their presentation that the key challenges that women today face are; retention, recruitment, work-life balance and the kind of development and trade imbalance in navy.

However, the opportunities include the flexible working of 8-hours for women, positive family support, effective parental leave of 18-weeks working and 12-months leave with a new breast feeding policy established to support RNZN women in navy.

The most important opportunity for RNZN women in navy is the significance of RNZN women’s development forum and steering committee responsible for providing support and advice for women in navy.

The workshop also identified that RNZN has a current record of 501 female officers out of 2173 naval officers with different ranks working in various departments. The youngest is 17 year olds to oldest 61 year olds.

RNZN’s longest serving females range from 35 years of service while out of the 501 females, RNZN has a parental record of 127 children including step children with range of ethnicities compared to PNG.

However for PNG only men were given the opportunity to undergo trainings to serve in the Navy and PNGDF Maritime Element in the past.

Today females are also given the opportunity to join Navy as Midshipman or Seaman while inheriting other male dominated carriers within three primary roles; support for military operations, EEZ protection, and heavy logistic support for the army and civil society.

Representatives from the other countries also pledged to work in partnership to help develop PNG Navy and the Maritime Element forces while providing support for each other.

NID System Working Well

BY MATTHEW VARI ( Post Courier )


Despite many criticisms leveled against the National Identification (NID) System, National Planning secretary Hakaua Harry said for the last five years the government has spent over K200 million on the rollout of the system which is working.

She said many do not realise the amount of time and resources spent on the creation of the systems and infrastructure base required to ensure the large scale system works for its intended purpose.

“For the last five years with the resources that were given it is to establish the system. That system has been established,” Harry said.

“In the rollout we need to populate the system. You can’t have a system that doesn’t have data to be able to generate anything.”

“We did Ialibu Pangia and we did some of Port Moresby and a little bit across the country just so that we can get information to populate the system to see that it is working.”

With the establishment of NID for provinces has seen the establishment of offices, card printing system and a system to print birth certificates.

“We have attempted to trial that and now and it’s working. Now we have created almost about 17 to 18 provincial offices at the provincial level for people to come in and register so that can go into the system to generate the ID cards.”

“We will now have a new office called the national identity and civil registry office. Its responsibility first of all was for births and deaths and marriages and divorces.”

“But right now with the system in place we are going to have a population database system. We are going to basically know what kind of population we have out there.”

Ms Harry said the system can tie in other government services and platforms that will enable proper roll out of other services including the electoral commission, which has had its common roll the subject of many debate.

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