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Wereh Stresses On Transport

Source: PC Online


WORKS Secretary David Wereh has warned all landowners and people vandalising state assets on the roads throughout the country that the Protection of Transport Infrastructure Act 2010 is in operation and very effective.

This is the act that saved K120 million of claims against the state on roads issues. Wereh warned that vandalism, blocking of roads and others along the Highlands Highway and other national highways will have severe penalties under this Act – some of which is up to a five-year jail term or K100,000 to K1 million fine.

Wereh said the first Kainantu case undertaken in court under this had saved K120 million in claims and that there were more cases pending.

The act deals with demands for compensation or other payment, extended responsibility for family and other persons, attempts and like offences and threat to commit an offence.

“Being an Act to provide for the protection of transport infrastructure and the land, water and air on or in which transport infrastructure is located and for related purposes, it has got severe penalties – block off public transport infrastructure assets etc,” Mr Wereh said.

“The law is already in operation. It’s the enforcement rate and the Kainantu case is the first case. We successfully obtained a restraining order using this law.”

Wereh said the government’s position is very clear on unreasonable compensation demands by opportunists living along the national highway corridors, that it would not entertain any compensation claims by people and business houses alongside major roads.

He said that his department was already acquiring and paying genuine customary land and property owners affected on all road projects sites around the country through the establish process. We will not entertain any self-valued and assessed claims.

“This is an illegal practice and will be dealt with by law,” he said. No individuals or tribe living along the highway should take their grievance to the national Highways. There is an established process to follow in pursuing grievance and claims affecting the greater public. “

He said the Transport Infrastructure assets around the country are now protected by the Transport Infrastructure protection Act 2010. All citizens living along these important infrastructure corridors are required by law not to conduct any of their self-serving activities.

Wereh said that the Kainantu court order was issued after landowners set up a roadblock at Bane which was illegal and police personnel had to clear the highway, which belonged to the public and not to any particular tribe or clan.

“We must be very considerate of many others who depend on the highways as a lifeline for service delivery and business for their daily living.

“The laws are very tough and will severely deal with anyone who want to stage illegal road blocks and vandalize road assets.”

“The message to the people is simple: Do not block public roads because they do not belong to you even if they run through your land. You are just creating problems for yourself.”


Oil Search Renews Contract With Link PNG

By : The National


OIL Search has renewed its contract with Air Niugini to provide services to the company through Link PNG, the airline’s subsidiary.

Oil Search managing director Peter Botten thanked Air Niugini staff for the quality of service they had been providing.

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of Air Niugini and Link PNG and, especially the staff who have given us outstanding service. I want to express my personal appreciation to the staff who are such an important part of our logistics and support network,” he said.

“I know of numerous occasions where the staff have gone beyond there normal expectations to deliver a great service to us.”

Link PNG general manager Bruce Alabaster said that it was the continuation of an 11-year arrangement with Oil Search.

“We provide a dedicated aircraft that flies six days out of every seven from here to Moro, from here to Kiunga and also through Moro and Cairns. In addition, we provide a lot of ad hoc flights,” he said.

“It’s a new contract that extends our relationship into the next three years but is something we have been doing for the past 11 years.

“Air Niugini has provided over 8 million kilometers of safe travel to Oil Search employees and uplifted 350,000 passengers as well 1000 tonnes of cargo.”

Alabaster also said Link PNG would be expanding its fleet to cater for an expected increase in demand for such flight arrangements with the Papua LNG project coming up.

Women Encouraged to Enlist in Navy

BY JERRY SEFE ( Post Courier )


Papua New Guinea needs more women to join the Navy despite it being regarded as a male dominated profession.

The maritime element in the country is the naval branch of the PNGDF, being mainly a light patrol force responsible for defending local waters of the country.

Speaking at a workshop in Port Moresby on Wednesday, Warrant officer of Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) Wayne Dyke said this year’s focus is on empowering women in the maritime element in PNG and around the world.

“By doing so we identify the opportunities and challenges of all women in the Navy and the Maritime Element to achieve their dream and choices while serving in the force,” Mr Dyke said.

“But our aim now is to make sure there are right documents and strategies developed and set in place to help PNG encourage more women to join navy and maritime element.”

The RNZN team of male and female officers also outlined in their presentation that the key challenges that women today face are; retention, recruitment, work-life balance and the kind of development and trade imbalance in navy.

However, the opportunities include the flexible working of 8-hours for women, positive family support, effective parental leave of 18-weeks working and 12-months leave with a new breast feeding policy established to support RNZN women in navy.

The most important opportunity for RNZN women in navy is the significance of RNZN women’s development forum and steering committee responsible for providing support and advice for women in navy.

The workshop also identified that RNZN has a current record of 501 female officers out of 2173 naval officers with different ranks working in various departments. The youngest is 17 year olds to oldest 61 year olds.

RNZN’s longest serving females range from 35 years of service while out of the 501 females, RNZN has a parental record of 127 children including step children with range of ethnicities compared to PNG.

However for PNG only men were given the opportunity to undergo trainings to serve in the Navy and PNGDF Maritime Element in the past.

Today females are also given the opportunity to join Navy as Midshipman or Seaman while inheriting other male dominated carriers within three primary roles; support for military operations, EEZ protection, and heavy logistic support for the army and civil society.

Representatives from the other countries also pledged to work in partnership to help develop PNG Navy and the Maritime Element forces while providing support for each other.

PNG thanks Fiji for Leading COP23 Meet

By : Post Courier


Papua New Guinea is backing Fiji as it leads preparations to host COP23, where 60 countries and its leaders will be in attendance in Bonn, Germany.

The PNG Government and its leaders have commended Fiji’s Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, and its people for putting their hand up to be the president of the historical event in November.

Civil Aviation Minister, Alfred Manase, represented PNG at the Pre-COP23 meeting held this week in Fiji, on behalf of the PNG Government and its people, where he met with leaders of the island nation.

“I am extremely pleased with the organisation of the Pre-COP23 meeting, which has brought together more than 60 countries,” he said.

“As this is my first overseas engagement as a State Minister, I am thankful to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for delegating me to represent him and the country at this important global leaders meeting. I am also grateful to the Portfolio Minister, John Pundari, Minister for Environment & Conservation and Climate Change, the Minister for Finance, James Marape, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Rimbink Pato, for their support of my attendance at the meeting.

“These portfolios held by my colleague ministers are among other ministries involved in the implementation of the Paris Treaty.

“In my role, my attendance was very strategic and important as well, given one of the COP23 priorities was the issue on international transportation and emissions. This includes international aviation, and coincided with the agenda of the recent APEC Trade Ministers Meeting (TMM)10 concluded in PNG, two weekends ago. There is a need for us to fully understand the implications of our requirements to reduce emissions from the international aviation sector starting 2021.

“On behalf of the government of Papua New Guinea, I conveyed Papua New Guinea’s congratulations to Prime Minister Bainimarama on his role as the incoming president of COP23 and assured the government and people of Fiji that Papua New Guinea supports Fiji’s leadership and its championing of the critical climate change challenges that the Pacific Islands region faces,” Mr Manase said.


Highlands H’way Needs Reconstruction, says Nali

By : LUKE KAMA ( The National )


THE Highlands Highway from Nadzab in Lae to Mount Hagen in Western Highlands needs “a total reconstruction” instead of just maintenance or upgrading, Works Minister Michael Nali says.

He travelled from Mt Hagen to Lae by road to see for himself the condition of the national highway.

“I have travelled through and have seen that the highway needs a thorough reconstruction,” he said.

“So through the K3 billion Asian Development Bank-financed project, we will reconstruct the highway because this highway we are using now was built a long time ago. It does not meet our current needs and demands.

“That’s why it is deteriorating and we need to reconstruct it – not just upgrade and maintain.”

He said advanced designs and engineering were needed.

“The tender will be out soon and it will involve two phases – design and construction,” he said.

“Also there will be two stages – one from Nadzab to Henganofi and one from Henganfi to Kagamuga in Mount Hagen. There will be a Simbu section from Chuave to Munde.”

Kaiaworks Construction Limited project engineer Rex Ate fixing the Mata section of the Highlands highway in Chimbu thanked Nali and Works Secretary David Wereh for actually driving through the road to see for themselves the status of the highway.

APEC Has Benefits, Says Minister

By : Post Courier

Transport Minister Westly Nukundj has assured the country on the importance of APEC, that its costs will be worth it in the end.

He said major benefits to the country will not be seen on the surface of the meet, but in the various agreements that will be made between PNG, as the host country, and various members of the APEC family.

He said despite criticism aimed against the Government, bilateral agreements will be forged for assistance and investments that would not have come about without the meet.

Mr Nukundj said this during the 10th Transport Ministers Meeting (TMM10) held in Port Moresby, last weekend.

“We get a lot of criticisms that we are wasting a lot of money on such meetings like TMM10 and also the 2018 APEC Leaders’ Summit.”

“I can assure you that this is not a waste, where we get all the economies and why is it held here in a small country like Papua New Guinea when it should be held in countries like Australia.”

“Some people we need to change our mentality of thinking and reasoning.”

Mr Nukundj gave indication of talks regarding new port developments in the country discussed with APEC members.

“For instance like we met with Chinese Taipei and I indicated to them the need for us to have new ports.”

“We currently need four ports, one in Western Province, one for Wewak, Vanimo and the other one Manus.”

“But who is going to build it? The government is encouraging people to grow oil palm but facilities are not there to export.”

“With the exposure we are getting a lot of experience and knowledge and assistance from the economies that are taking part in the TMM10,” Nukundj said.

Govt Confident in APEC 2018

BY LEONNIE WAYANG ( Post Courier )

Chief Secretary to the Government Isaac Lupari says he is satisfied with the preparations for APEC 2018.

Mr Lupari said last week that PNG is on track in terms of security, accommodation and logistics for APEC 2018.

“We are very much on track, and we are pleased with the efforts undertaken by our police and our security forces in collaboration with bilateral countries like Australia; big support coming through Australian Government, also the US,” Mr Lupari said.

“We’ve also had the same with New Zealand but the new inclusion in the security operation is now the Indonesian Government.”

He said the Indonesian government will bring forth “an extensive wealth of experience” as they have also hosted the APEC meeting.

“We’re pooling all these countries to making sure that we are ticking all the boxes that are required in terms of making sure that the security arrangement is as good as any other organisation in terms of APEC meetings around the world,” Mr Lupari said.

He added that various ministerial meetings like the recent APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity for PNG to test its security preparedness leading up to the APEC 2018 summit.

“One of the opportunities for us to try and test the security readiness that we’ve put in place is the regular meetings that we’re going to have at the ministerial level,” he said.

He said that although he is satisfied with the progress, there is still more to do.

“We will deliver APEC in a truly Melanesian way,” he said.

“We are going to deliver APEC given within our constraints and our government is very focused. The public service is focused. Our partners like UNDP, Australia and New Zealand, the rest of the world who are coming on board to help us; they are giving all their support. They know what it means to have an APEC 2018 Meeting in this country, for Papua New Guinea and the region.”


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