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Pom Gen to Receive K100 million

Source: PC Online

THE Port Moresby General Hospital will receive K100 million of the K1.5 billion health sector allocation in the 2018 national budget, Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu says.

Sir Puka said they had been allocated 100 per cent funding but the challenge was how to implement the budget.

“I’ve been in this hospital most of my life and I’ve seen transformation under the new board. The highest institution in healthcare is the hospital,” he said.

“This is to bring the private sector skill, experience and acumen into the public sector. The things they lack are because of the Budget issues.

“I was health secretary before and I would beg the government to fund our health plan below 60 per cent. It’s now 100 per cent funding.”

Sir Puka said the key word was partnership and he urged the communities to help the management of the hospitals by doing their part.

“Don’t throw rubbish everywhere. Listen to security guards,” he said.

“Visit patients on time with one guardian. Doctor-patient relationship must be improved. Prescription practices must be good and patients must complete their doses to avoid drug resistance.”

Budget Hope

The National


THE Government is viewing the future with optimism and confidence as it tables the 2018 national budget in Parliament today on the back of an “improving global economy”, with commodity prices returning to “healthier” levels.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, however, warned that while pressure on the economy from global factors is easing, the government would continue to ensure fiscal discipline is maintained.  “There is no doubt that we are seeing improvements in the global economy, and this is reflected in positive indicators in our own economy,” he said.

“Commodity prices are returning to healthier levels but there is still a long way to go before we can relax.

“When global conditions were at their lowest, our government managed the challenges we faced and this has placed us in a stronger position today.

“We continued to maintain positive economic growth through a programme of reducing spending, managing expenses and rescheduling some infrastructure construction.”

Treasurer Charles Abel will table the national financial plan this afternoon.

Debate on it will be suspended until Tuesday next week to allow the Opposition time to respond to it. O’Neill said the government was looking forward to a sensible debate on the budget “that is based on fact and not misinformation”.

He said there would be no cuts to education and healthcare, “our core national priorities”.

He also promised “a productive and safe Apec summit in 2018 through modest expenditure that builds capacity and leaves legacy in our government agencies”.

“Our Government will also continue to build more efficient public services that are increasingly capable while being less expensive to operate,” he said.

Shadow Treasury and Finance Minister Ian Ling-Stuckey said the Opposition was ready to debate the 12-month financial plan from the government.

“Last year, the Government did not allow a proper debate on the 2017 budget. We stand ready to judge the success of the 2018 budget and urge government to give the Opposition an opportunity to measure its merits,” he said.

He said they would judge the budget on its credibility, how the government planned to spend public money, how it addressed foreign exchange and jobs, how it dealt with deficits and debt financing, and whether it followed proper processes.

Abel On US$100 Million

Source: Post Courier Online


The Government is well advanced in implementing the 100 day, 25 point plan, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel said.

Abel, speaking from Washington D.C. where he is attending the Annual Board of Governors meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund has noted the 50 day mark of the 100 Day, 25 Point Plan as of the 13th of October 2017.

The Bank of PNG has made a US$100m intervention into the FOREX market and the Napanapa Refinery is purchasing 50% of its crude oil needs from Oil Search in Kina.

Separately the US$395m budget for the health sector and the US$1bn concessional loan for the Highlands Highway from the ADB is well progressed.”

“The Supplementary Budget has been passed and we are completing the 2018 Budget for the November parliamentary session,” said Abel

Audit On Rent

The National

AN audit is being carried out into Government departments to justify the arrangements for office rental payments, Treasurer Charles Abel says.

Deputy Prime Minister Abel said the audit should be completed at the end of this month to review every government department and their office allocations. Abel said there was an under-budget on the rentals of about K178 million in the national budget.

He said the 2017 supplementary budget endorsed by Cabinet and to be tabled in Parliament next week would have some remedy for the under-budgeting of rental allocations.
The audit follows the locking out of some government departments and agencies by landlords for the non-payment of rent.

He said there was an exercise to relocate some of the departments to the Central Government Building, Manasupe House and freeing up space at Morauta House.

“In the budgetary exercise, they reduced the allocation for rentals because of the savings.

“Those savings didn’t materialise.
“That process didn’t happen at the rate that we would have hoped and we were left with the problem of under-budgeting on rentals.

“We need to create that appropriation through a supplementary budget enabling Treasury to
authorise expenditure up to that level.

“We had that temporary issue which will be addressed in additional funds allocated to official rental in the supplementary budget.”

2017 Budget Complete, says Abel

The National

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the 2017 supplementary budget expected to be handed down later this month has been completed.

Abel  did not given further details, saying it would have to be taken to Cabinet first.
“Supplementary budget is completed,” Abel told The National.

“It has to be taken to Cabinet next week.”

Abel said the 100-day Government plan, of which the 2017 supplementary budget was part of, was progressing well.

“We re progressing, we’ve got an implementation matrix, we’ve got a technical team working at the back, I’m communicating with all the ministers, I’m meeting with them every day.

“As we go along, we will give updates.

“As we go along, I’ll bring in media and update you on the implementation process.

“For example, we’ll have our report at the 50-day, 75-day and then 100-day.”