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7TH Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival Given K66,000

16th August
Source: 7th Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival FB Page

ExxonMobil PNG have announced its support of PGK66,000 towards this year’s 7th Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival – a community driven initiative that promotes collaboration and learning amongst 40 local communities from the region.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Andrew Barry who made the presentation on August 10, said the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival is a great opportunity to not only promote the unique culture and traditions of the Kutubu area but the pristine environment as well.

“We recognise that PNG is home to so many unique and endangered species of flora and fauna and has very distinctive cultures and as such, we strive to ensure that the environment and cultural heritage of the communities in which we operate are protected and preserved,” said Mr Barry.

Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival Deputy Chairman, Mr Andrew Igimabo in thanking ExxonMobil PNG said this support will go a long way and it is encouraging to see ExxonMobil PNG’s support to the festival for the past six years since 2011.

This support goes beyond just funding but also involves active engagement by ExxonMobil PNG staff, to showcase their ongoing work and initiatives to protect the environment.

“This important forum which allows indigenous cultures to further develop an already deep people-to-people connection that they share with their land and culture with our neighbours in PNG and abroad,” said Mr Igimabo.
Since 2014, ExxonMobil PNG on behalf of PNG LNG, has provided PGK165,000 towards the Festival, bringing together people from more than 40 local communities from Bosavi, Kutubu, Kikori, Hela and Nipa, the country and abroad to share their cultures and establish deeper understanding and friendship.

This has been made possible through the continued and generous support through private public partnership with important stakeholders that work in the region including ExxonMobil PNG.

“My Song, My Dance, My Story, saving my home for tomorrow” is the theme for this year’s event to be held from 22 -23 September 2017 in Kutubu.

Housing Facing Shake-Up

16th August, 2017
Source: The National

THE eviction of tenants and sale of State housing properties have been put on hold while an audit is conducted into two government agencies entrusted with providing affordable housing to the people.

Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa has ordered a major clean-up in the National Housing Corporation and the National Housing Estates Limited, starting with the audit to be conducted by the auditor-general.

“No more eviction orders to be carried out and no more sale of (NHC) properties,” he said.
“I am not here to hire and fire anyone. I want to make sure there are structures that support the initial notion of providing affordable housing for Papua New Guineans. We must be compatible in the market as well,” Kaupa said.
Kaupa said there were court cases pending against the NHC, and many investigations on-going which warranted the scanning of and adjustments to the institutions.
He said the NHC, NHEL and the Office of Urbanisation were formed to provide ordinary citizens working in urban areas affordable housing. But over the past decade, they had come under scrutiny “more than any other government institution”.
He put this down to “negligence, lack of prudent management and incompetency in the ability to deliver honestly” as the root causes of the problems.
Kaupa said auditors would be engaged to clean up and restructure the housing organisations.

“The Office of the Auditor-General will deal with the cleaning up of housing and NHEL,” he said.

Kaupa said work would continue during the audit. “NHC is obliged to build affordable housing for Papua New Guineans but over the years, they have not built one,” he said.
“Rather they have been doing the opposite by selling the properties.
“Almost 70 per cent of property around the country have been sold to maintain the corporation’s salaries and operations.”

He warned that NHEL would go back under NHC “if it hasn’t been functioning properly”.
Kaupa said the NHEL had been engaged in huge projects around the country and he wanted a report on those projects.

More than 50% voted – Gamato

July 4, 2017 – Gorothy Kenneth 

More than half of voting population voted

THE 2017 National Election has not failed, as records show that more than 50 percent of the voter population in districts that voted have cast their votes.

And an election can only fail if writs are not returned on the date as gazetted.

This is from the PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato, who was questioned yesterday by media to confirm if this election was a failed one, since social media and mainstream had gone viral about issues pertaining to the roll and the late start of polling in some parts of the country.

But Mr Gamato insisted yesterday that the National Election was on track despite some minor issues in some parts of the country.

“The decision to fail elections rests with the Electoral Commissioner, which is me. We can qualify failed election if less than 50 percent of the population hasn’t voted. But if, within an electorate, more than 50 percent has casted their votes, you cannot fail the election,” Mr Gamato said.

“Secondly, if there is gross violence within the province disrupting the electoral process, then you can fail the election. Up to now, I’ve not seen any or heard any reports of gross violence and people who went to cast votes, let’s take NCD for example, more than 50 percent (I think 80-90 percent) of the people have cast their votes,” he said.

“And so far across the country, I have not heard any incident and violence and disruption of polling taking place, so therefore I cannot, at this stage claim election in all electorates failed.”

Mr Gamato was also asked if manipulation of election, especially in voting, was also a sign to fail the elections and to confirm if this has happened so far in polling places throughout PNG.

“I cannot at this stage, say there is manipulation, although in the past, there has been, at this stage not brought to my attention,” Mr Gamato said.


Regional APEC Meetings to Deliver Real Benefits Around the Nation

By: Prime Minister’s Media – 1st June 2017

Tourism will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years, and the hosting of APEC events in growing tourism hubs will make an important contribution to this growing sector.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, was speaking with around two thousand PNC supporters in Kavieng when he assured them that their current local member’s threat to cancel the hosting of APEC next year is just hot air.

He said the election of Martin Aini as the PNC Candidate for Kavieng Open is the only way the district can advance with a dedicated elected leader who is committed to the interests of the district and the country.

“These claims by a single opposition member that he would cancel APEC cannot be taken seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have already had to assure our APEC partner economies that he is just one opposition member from 111 in the Parliament, and has a record for making highly questionable statements just to get attention.

“If you ask almost any other member of the Parliament if they agree with Papua New Guinea hosting APEC in 2018, they would be supportive.

“The Kavieng Member’s threat to cancel APEC has also backfired because it would mean cancelling the APEC Tourism Minister’s meeting, part of which will take place in his district.

“The Member for Kavieng would take APEC away from his own electorate just political mischief.

“His four party members do not support him, and even the Opposition Leader is against such foolish tactics.

“Hosting an APEC meeting is a very effective way to promote tourism and culture in regional centres, as well as encourage skills transfer and local capacity development.”

The Prime Minister said people around the country are tired of candidates who are standing without any clear policies and who just want to run the country down.

“The only people who are knocking the economy are in the opposition.

“They have spent this whole campaign making false claims, talking the economy down, and never offering any real alternatives.

“The current Member for Kavieng has demonstrated that he is not in this election for his people, but for himself.

“That is another reason why the people of Kavieng need to elect an intelligent and balanced leader, and that is what you have in Martin Aini.

“Martin Aini is a leader who will work hard in his electorate and work in the interests of his people and the nation.”

The comments by the current Kavieng Member are at odds with his earlier statements where he embraced advancing national economic development through deepening engagements with APEC.

Secondary Schools be brought under Office of Higher Education – Czuba

Staff Reporter – PNG Today

Plans are underway to have all the powers of secondary schools throughout the country transferred to the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology.
They currently come under the Department of Education.
Acting Secretary of Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology Father Jan Czuba told NBC News, this is part of the department’s plans for the future.
“The full idea is to make sure that we maintain the quality of education.
“We are very much concerned that the high education sector cannot perform well if the primary and secondary are not doing well.
“We would like to implement a NEC decision of 1995.
“Teachers are very important in primary schools, but teachers coming from our colleges, the quality of education is lower and lower.
“We would like to implement new curriculum for teachers in teachers’ colleges, and we would like to focus too on centres of excellence in different provinces and regions.
“This will help them improve the curriculum, rehabilitate the current infrastructure and improve the learning and teaching environment,” Fr Jan said.

NBC News
Read more: http://news.pngfacts.com/2017/05/secondary-schools-i n-png-to-be.html#ixzz4iQqVJO8D

Committee Needed To Address Poultry Issues

RURAL Industries Council chairman Sir Brown Bai has urged that a Credible Strategic Review Committee be immediately established by National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA).

This is to investigate and review the status of the disease of birds in Malaysia and other countries from where poultry is being imported.

These calls have been made following reports of the illegal importation of frozen poultry into PNG and of PNG’s disease-free status.
He said it is crucial that birds and animals must be carefully screened to ensure they are disease free.
“Government has not adequately resourced NAQIA to do its job well.”

The RIC urges the Government to resource NAQIA adequately and also requests the Government to establish the full NAQIA Board.
“Calls by the private sector to Government to establish a fully constituted Board have fallen on deaf ears,” Sir Brown said.
“The RIC is very concerned that almost all our major cash crops have been hit by pests and diseases that came in from outside the country,” he said.
“All commodities Boards, apart from oil palm, have Interim Boards and by their respective laws, these Boards must be appointed urgently,” he added.
Pertinent questions were put to the PNG Customs chief Commissioner Ray Paul, including if customs were aware of the containers with illegal frozen chicken that had been landed in the country, reportedly from Malaysia.
However, Mr Paul neither confirmed nor denied this.
Instead the customs chief said the entry of the poultry imports was a matter for NAQIA as the regulatory Authority and technical capacity to deal with.
“PNG Customs Service will only facilitate poultry imports if and when approval is granted by NAQIA. Any importer or the Poultry Industry who has issues relating to poultry imports will have to see NAQIA.
“PNG Customs service works very closely with NAQIA on all imports relating to plants and animals which are regulated by NAQIA laws.
“Furthermore, we encourage the public and Industry to provide information of interest that they deem illegal upon sighting to assist us with our work,” he said.

Govt Heads urged to visit Rural Areas

By : Post Courier

Chief Secretary to government Isaac Lupari has told departmental heads at the second department heads meeting that they have a purpose for going to rural parts of the country for their meeting.

The meeting was held at Keapara village in Rigo district, Central Province and attended by 70 heads and senior staff of departments, statutory agencies, state-owned enterprises and constitutional offices.

“We often design and develop policies and plans from Waigani without fully understanding the challenges and needs of 80 per cent of our people who live in the rural settings of our country,” Mr Lupari said.

“As a result many of these policies and plans have failed in the past, which has resulted in wastage of millions of kina.”

Mr Lupari urged everyone to not make the same mistake, learn from past experiences and continue to chart and develop a new part for service delivery.

“If we do not, it will be a great injustice to our people and the next generation, who are children,” he said.


“The O’Neill Government’s policies are rural-focused and aimed at improving the rural settings and deliver vital services to the people.

“Going rural and coming to Keapara village gives us a great opportunity to see how services are delivered so that we can improve it.

Mr Lupari said the visit allows heads of departments; statutory agencies and SOEs to see things for themselves, listen to the people’s stories of the types of challenges they go through every day of their lives, and what their needs are.

“This is critically important so we can be able to improve on the policy settings and recalibrate service delivery methods and mechanisms to better deliver services.”

Mr Lupari urged heads of departments, statutory agencies and SOEs who stayed for the night activities with the community to use the opportunity for frank discussions with the people of Keapara, Karawa and Alukuni.

“We are their servant, and let’s work to improve the lives of our people.”