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PNG National General Election NOT Rigged 

********** Press Statement by Simon Bole, General Secretary of PAP ************
There are people in PNG and abroad who say things to undermind capabilities of PNG people and how we can manage our affairs. 

Many of such people in Australia say PNG will be a fallen state. PNG has never failed and we will never fall.
Many of such critics say PNG will fail election 2017. They further say Hela will fail election because it’s a hot spot. Hela election steering committee and Hela people has proved critics wrong by delivering a successful election 2017.
In Hela I don’t see any indication of election rigging by any single Political Party as others claim.
In Hela I also don’t see signs of PNC control or rigging election in Hela.
The results of current counting tallies will prove my statement.
In Komo Magarima open electorate, PAP party leader Tukuyawini Peter Philip is taking a lead with 13,638 plus votes while second runner up is Independent candidate Manessah Makipa with 7,991 votes. The PNC candidate is trailing in 5th place with 4,655 votes. 

PNC candidate is short of about 9,000 votes to beat the PAP leader therefore I don’t see any indication of election rigging by PNC here.
The PNC candidate for Koroba Lake Kopiago is also trailing in 11th place with only 2,270 votes in the ladder as first count winded down and awaiting eliminations.
See results below:
A. Koroba Lake Kopiago Open Seats Updates after count 81/81.

1. Bobby Yupi 6,525 Ind

2. Petrus Thomas 6,333 PPP

3. Waa Akope 5,246 ind

4. Mathias M Putaya 5,061 ind

5. Gabriel Tika 4,376 ind

6. Andrew Andapi 3,719 ind

7. John Kekeno 3,639 PNGP

8. Howard Lole 2,895

9. Allan Tolo 2,729

10. Pais Paro 3,190 ind

11. Isaack Matiabe 2,470…PNC

See also results for Regional and Komo Magarima below.
Updates from Hela for Hela Regional and Komo Magarima open.
B. Progressive Tally for Hela Regional seat after count no.146:

1. Philip Undialu – 29,548 

2. Dr HEWALI – 20,157 

3. Francis Potabe -16,946 

4. Andy Kenamu -14,802 

5. Lari Andagali – 13,556

80 boxesremaining for counting. 

Koroba Kopiago and Komo Margarima open completed quality check and ready for elimination process tomorrow.

Of the 258 boxes, 28 boxes destroyed, 123 counted and left with 107 boxes to go…
C. Komo Magarima open after final count 78

1. PAP party leader Tukuyawini Peter Philip 13,638 votes

2. Manesa Makipa 7,991 votes independent candidate

3. Paul Pale 5,697 ind

4. Tumbi Yari 4,765 ind

5. Edward Alina 4,655 PNC candidate

6.Tony Tanda 3,785

7. Kuruku Ipara 3,656

8. Kevin Tos 3,130

9. Allan Kaiape 3,102..

Quality checks completed for Komo Magarima and Koroba Kopiago yesterday. Today elimination will commence.

Updates for some other electorates in PNG.
D. Update for count in Maprik ESP.

Counting of Box 1 for Maprik Open seat for Albiges Mambep LLG progressive results;

1. Gabriel Kapris 1,403 PNGNP

2. David Anis 266

3. Albert Selbhia 134

4. John Simon 128

5. Pita Lus 44

E. NDC Moresby North West Count 52 Progressive result. PNC candidate and Health Minister is trailing somewhere really bellow the ladder.
1. Lohia Boe Samuel (IND) – 4452

2. Mekere Morauta (IND) – 4052

3. Joseph Tonde (PONP) – 2216

4. Miria Ikupu (IND) – 1858

5. Russel Wavik (PPP) – 1561
Count 53 in progress.

F. In Port Moresby:

NCD Regional seat – Powes Parkop SDP leads on 9,000 votes after count 91.

G. Moresby South seat – PNC candidate Justin Techenko leads on 19,000 votes after count 96
SHP Counting Update quote from PNG Garamut News

1: Peter O’Neill- 13,510 votes PNC leader and PM

2: Stanley Liria- 2,444 votes

3: Sam Kari – 368 votes

4: Leonard Pagepea – 363 votes

5: Justin Rapula- 125 votes

6: Nepolin Rema- 53 votes…

In Chimbu as per Kundu 1 news this morning.
I. THE party candidate now opposition party candidate is taking a lead in Karimui Nomane open.

J. In Sinasina Yogogmul open opposition party member and leader for PNGNP Kerenga Kua is leading with 5000 plus votes.

With such results with various political parties and independents candidates taking leads in many electorate where PNC candidates are trailing lower in ladder there is no indication of a single party rigging election.

As citizens of this country let’s allow completion of election process and if we are not satisfied with results we go to the Courts for election petition.
With this good luck in election 2017.

Misleading Statements on Rig Election 

26th June 2017

Here seem to a a lot of misleading statements from a lot of people around the country thinking that there are extra ballot boxes.

What are lot people don’t realized is that these reports are 2nd or 3rd hand information.

There was a report on ballot boxes being burnt in Tari which was for James Marape and other candidates. 

The FACT is what was burnt is ‘Election Awarenss Materials’. It was burnt in public so people don’t assume it’s extra ballot boxes.

Kindly get FACTS right 

Safe voting !!!!

No Foul Play 

By: Post Courier June 19, 2017

Social media rumour-mongering reared its ugly head last week in Manus, forcing election officials under police supervision to open up two containers for scrutineers to observe the physical conditions of ballot boxes inside.

Police and elections officials there said persistent rumours about alleged tampering of ballot boxes inside the containers spread over social media, causing tension and concern within the community.

They said the rumours quickly spread like wild fire from when Prime Minister Peter O’Neill left provincial capital Lorengau, following a campaign rally he held there for his PNC candidates last week.

As a result, Manus election manager Sponsor Navi, and Provincial Police Commander David Yapu, organised and invited all the candidates’ scrutineers to witness and see for themselves the condition of the containers and their contents.

Mr Navi said this was deliberately done to dispel the unfounded allegations.
Scrutineers were given the opportunity to inspect the two containers under close police supervision.

One container, shipped from Port Moresby, was secured with padlocks which were cut open using a bolt cutter.

The other, used as storage for election materials, was air freighted to Momote airport, and taken to Lorengau police station under heavy joint security forces escort.

“There is no foul play and your presence today will confirm that for us to complete our mandated duties for a fair and clean election,” Mr Yapu and Mr Navi told supporters and scrutineers.

Mr Yapu warned users of social media to be responsible for what they post for the general public’s consumption.

Officials there hope the physical inspection has put to rest any concerns arising from the social media allegations.

Meanwhile, the first polling teams and materials will be dispatched to the remote Aua, Wuvulu and Nigoherm LLG on Thursday by the security forces.

Newsrooms urged to improve content

BY: Carmella Gware

The Media Council of PNG is urging newsrooms to improve their editorial content.

“Is your content empowering or disempowering Papua New Guineans?” asked Council president Alexander Rheeney.

“If your content is not empowering Papua New Guineans then sorry, you have no business in the media industry.”

Speaking during the recent Yumi-Olgeta media get-together, Rheeney highlighted the disappointing, continuous drop in media standards in the country.

“Individual media organisations need to address the situation in their own newsrooms because at the end of the day, your content is disempowering Papua New Guineans.”



Media Council President Alexander Rheeney.


However, the president said a lot of colleagues in the media are doing a wonderful job right now, going out to some very isolated communities in PNG to get the story.

“There are a few who are letting the industry down,” stated Rheeney. “And they need to pull up their socks.

“At the end of the day, it’s the news editors who have ultimate responsibility over quality of content. And if someone doesn’t meet up to your standards, you need to kick them out as soon as possible.”