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PM O’Neill Arrives in Vietnam for APEC Summit

**** – Key Focus is on Enhancing Growth in Developing Economies ****

Apec - vietname2

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, has arrived in the city of Da Nang, in Viet Nam, for the 2017 APEC Leaders’ Summit.
On his arrival, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the APEC policy agenda that will help boost growth in key sectors of the Papua New Guinea economy.
“APEC is an important forum for growth and development in our region, and in the coming year will be even more important for Papua New Guinea when we host Leaders from around the region.
“The whole focus of the APEC Leaders’ Week is to strengthen our capacity to trade and to grow our economies.
“Through APEC we have the opportunity to generate more business, and that in turn creates more jobs.
“As a developing economy in APEC, Papua New Guinea also has the opportunity to strengthen capacity and skills in key sectors around the country.
“APEC is more than a single meeting each year, but it has a broad agenda covering agriculture, fisheries, women in the economy, transport and many other sectors that are vital for Papua New Guinea’s growth.
“Ultimately our work through APEC in these sectors is delivering direct benefits for our people.
“This APEC meeting will have a strong focus on adopting better digital technologies.
“For Papua New Guinea, expanding into the digital age, particularly for remote and rural communities is very important.”
The week-long series of APEC meetings also includes the 2017 APEC CEO Summit at which the Prime Minister will deliver an address.
“We have a number of Papua New Guinea business leaders who have come to Vietnam with our delegation.
“At the APEC CEO Summit our business representatives will be working to build better links with companies in Viet Nam and around the region.”
The Prime Minister is accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hon. Rimbink Pato MP, and APEC Minister, Hon. Justin Tkatchenko MP.

Manus Scores two for PNC


Peoples National Congress has secured two more seats in Manus.

This follows the simultaneous declarations of Charlie Benjamin and Job Pomat earlier this evening.

Mr Benjamin retains his place on the Governor’s seat, while Mr Pomat, a former MP ousted PNG National Party candidate, Ronny Knight, to become the Open MP.

Mr Pomat polled a total 6,844 votes, past the absolute majority of 6,371.

Manus also becomes the first province to have completed the 2017 National election, following these declarations.

NBC News – Reilly Kanamon (Lorengau)




  1. James Marape (PNC) – Tari-Pori Open (Sun 9th July)
    2. Justin Tkatchenko (PNC) – Moresby South Open (Wed 12th July)
    3. Dr. Allan Marat (MLP) – Rabaul Open (Fri 14th July)
    4. Peter O’Neill (PNC) – Ialibu-Pangia Open (Sat 15th July)
    5. Walter Schnaubelt (NA) – Namatanai Open (Sat 15th July)
    6. Petrus Nane Thomas (Ind) – Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open (Sun 16th July)
    7. Koni Iguan (PANGU) – Markham Open (Sun 16th July)
    8. Sam Basil (PANGU) – Bulolo Open (Sun 16th July)
    9. Job Pomat (PNC) – Manus Open (Sun 16th July)
    10. Charlie Benjamin (PNC) – Manus Regional (Sun 16th July)


O’Neill Declared on Absolute Majority 

—— Breaking News ——

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has beeen declared the winner for Ialibu-Pangia today on Absolute Majority votes.

After the last ballot box of 114 counted, Peter O’Neill polled 48,714 on first place and his nearest rival Stanley Liria polled 8,429.

Peter O’Neill as the leader for People’s Natuonal Congress Party joins James Marape and Justine Tkatchenko as 3rd declare MP for PNC.

Below are pictures of Peter O’Neill at Momei Oval.

Peter O’Neill comes into the Momei Oval Counting Center at Murumbu to be declared for the Ialibu -Pangia Open Seat for a 4th consecutive term. He has passed the 50% + 1 absolute majority threshold during the primary counts.
After Final count 114 the last box,

Peter O’Neill


Stanley liria


L Pangapea


Sam kari


Justin Rapula


K8 Billion in Trust Accounts Missing – O’Neill

By: Freddy Mou – PNG Loop
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called for a full audit into the K8 billion in surpluses that was parked in trust accounts under the Somare Government.

He said the people of Papua New Guinea need to know what happened to the fund.

“Eight billion Kina that belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea went missing,” claimed the PM.

“When we took over, there was almost zero balance in Government accounts. That is why we had to go into deficit budget to build new infrastructure around the country, to pay for our school fees, and to pay for our hospitals that our people deserve.”

However, National Alliance Party campaign director and former IPBC Minister, Arthur Somare, said O’Neill is ignorant of facts in claiming that “massive theft” of K8 billion had occurred from Trust Accounts built up from surplus budgets between 2005 and 2010.

Somare said it was impossible that O’Neill was ignorant of the facts because the status of the Trust Accounts was disclosed by him in his capacity as Treasurer in November 2010 when he presented the 2011 National Budget in Parliament.

“In the budget, O’Neill had quantified the total amounts that had flowed into the Trust Accounts in that six-year period as totaling K4.57 billion, with approved expenditures amounting to K3.6 billion.

“The totality of surplus funds never exceeded K5 billion so how would it be possible to steal K8 billion.”

Meanwhile, O’Neill said the nation is moving beyond the damage of the lost decade of the Morauta and Somare Governments, and one day the theft of the past will be revealed.

“In the next Parliament we will continue to investigate the missing billions of the Somare and Morauta Governments,” he stated.

Campaign To End Midnight Friday 23rd June

June 20, 2017

Campaigning across the country will end at midnight on Friday, June 23. And polling officially starts the next day.

The PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed the dates and warned candidates that no loud hailers and public gatherings will be allowed after Friday, adding that posters and banners will be allowed including period of polling.

For online, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, speaking in his capacity as inter-department election committee chairman, said that every political party must take heed of the end of campaign period because continuing campaigning on social media will have some consequences.

Gamato and Lupari are currently touring the Highlands Region to conduct IDEC meetings also attended by Police Commissioner Gari Baki, and PNG Defence Force commander Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo. Correctional Services Commissioner Michael Waipo did not tour.

Mr Gamato also said that the decision to appoint new Hela election steering committee members had been supported by the Electoral Commission.

He said that the appointment of the new members which included the provincial administrator William Bando as the chairman spoke volumes of the province as it prepared for a peaceful election.

However, Open and Regional candidates in Hela Province presented a petition to the Lupari inter-department election committee.

Sidelined Hela Governor and Member for Komo-Margarima Francis Potape said from Tari that a petition signed by the majority of the Open and Regional candidates intended to conduct a free and fair election in the province was given to the team calling on the electoral commissioner to address the concerns surrounding elections in the province.

“Our aim is to allow the province and the people to be the winners of the election, not candidates winning through illegal means by hijacking the process through intimidation and undue influences,” Mr Potape said.

He said they want Mr Gamato to agree with their demands and they include approval of a new and independent provincial election steering committee compromising of the head of PNG Defence Force members on the ground in Hela, the Hela police commander, the Hawa jail commander, the senior provincial magistrate and other members of the community and public service.

O’Neill cheered on in Moresby South

May 26, 2017 – Post Courier

Peter O’Neill became the first sitting Prime Minister to visit Sabama in Moresby South and was greeted by 7000 cheering locals for an early evening rally yesterday.

Community leaders greeted the PM, together with NCD Governor Powes Parkop, and Member for Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko. Community leaders addressed the crowd before their elected leaders, giving an account of the changes in their area, particularly in education and healthcare, that have made a real difference to their lives.

The Prime Minister made it clear to the crowd that the Opposition has made it clear that they would cut funding for these services.

“We must continue with good change, and keep delivering free education and universal healthcare to our people, not the bad change the opposition wants, which will see these essential services cut.

“Do not turn back the turn back the clock, we must keep delivering free education for our children. Our country has a great future, and we have built strong foundations.”

The Member for Moresby South said the change in the district will see the leaders of some of the world’s biggest countries meet in the district next year.


Crowd Attending Tkatchenko and O’Neill talk at Sabama

“The Presidents of the United States, China, and Russia, and the Prime Minister of Japan, will be among world leaders who will meet in Moresby South at APEC Haus at Ela Beach.

“They will see the change that is taking place in our country and our city.”

Governor Parkop said it is time to keep embracing change. “Change does not happen because of any of us working alone.

“Because of our Prime Minister, and our Members including Justin Tkatchenko, we are delivering change in Port Moresby.

“We delivered the Pacific Games, we delivered FIFA, and we will deliver the Rugby League World Cup and APEC.

“By working in partnership we are building a world class national capital city for our country.”


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