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Miss Png On Path To Promote Tourism

Source: PC Online


The 2017 Miss Pacific Islands pageant continues to grow and has proven so much over the years that the annual event is not just about beauty contest but a testament for Pacific women.

The event creates a platform for the contestants to play crucial roles within their respective communities in bringing about changes to create a positive environment for all.

In doing so, it’s also recognised as a launching pad that helps women and young girls excel in life changing careers to be role models for the ever growing female population in the Pacific nation.

In a recent Miss Pacific Island contest in Nadi, Fiji, nine contestants were given the privilege to represent their countries to speak on issues affecting their respective communities and societies in bringing about positive outcomes on how to address these issues.

During the event an in-depth presentation were delivered by the ladies on their selected interview topics on the issues of gender equality, education, tourism, politics, culture, climate change, technology, environment and health.

Miss PNG, Niawali Twain, (pictured) who was the Papua New Guinea MPIP ambassador, presented discussions on what type of tourism the Pacific region should focus on.

Miss Twain spoke about niche markets such as natural, wellness, beauty, health, culture and sports that are now putting Pacific Island nations on the global.

She said ecotourism in fact promotes preservation of the natural environment and it is important to the Pacific because of its long term sustainable development, low carbon footprints, and has positive impact on local economies.

“Cultural tourism preserves our traditions, as well as wellness tourism where all in the region have natural wellness ingredients readily available to everyone” said Twain.

Meanwhile the fundamental aspect of the topics presented by the pageants was to ensure everyone have equal access to resources and opportunities including economic participation and decision making to empower their nations.

Twain said through carrying out proper awareness and educating people which is the key to drive the people of the Pacific forward in future.

Tourism To Bring More Revenue For PNG

August 18th, 2017 | Post Courier

BY MELISHA YAFOITourism is now on the radar to bring in more revenue for the country.
Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer Jerry Agus said during the farewell of outgoing Minister Tobias Kulang and welcome of new Minister Emil Tammur that tourism was never taken as a key economic sector until recently.
Mr Agus said this was because the government has not realised its full potential and has just now captured it in its key documents like the medium term development plan, vision 2050 including the Alotau Accord Two
He highlighted that tourism was on the verge of dying until the country experienced low commodity prices which paved the way for the government to realise its potential after all mining and petroleum activities are gone.
“We see the importance of the tourism sector and the need to develop this sector so that we can support our economy. Unfortunately, tourism over the years has been suffering because poor representation at the floor of parliament and NEC meetings when the agenda of tourism is discussed as we need strong vocal people.
“But we’ve been blessed and I will say that fortunate to have a person like Tobias Kulang who have been very supportive and has helped the industry to gain support from the wider community.
I think one of the notable achievements of our former minister is the unprecedented increase over the last two years in terms of the budget funding to TPA and for the US50 million (K159million) World Bank loan to support tourism promotion in East New Britain and Milne Bay,” he said.
Mr Agus said while they are sad to let Mr Kulang go they are also excited to work with the new minister hails from a province and a district that thrives with tourism.

7TH Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival Given K66,000

16th August
Source: 7th Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival FB Page

ExxonMobil PNG have announced its support of PGK66,000 towards this year’s 7th Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival – a community driven initiative that promotes collaboration and learning amongst 40 local communities from the region.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Andrew Barry who made the presentation on August 10, said the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival is a great opportunity to not only promote the unique culture and traditions of the Kutubu area but the pristine environment as well.

“We recognise that PNG is home to so many unique and endangered species of flora and fauna and has very distinctive cultures and as such, we strive to ensure that the environment and cultural heritage of the communities in which we operate are protected and preserved,” said Mr Barry.

Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival Deputy Chairman, Mr Andrew Igimabo in thanking ExxonMobil PNG said this support will go a long way and it is encouraging to see ExxonMobil PNG’s support to the festival for the past six years since 2011.

This support goes beyond just funding but also involves active engagement by ExxonMobil PNG staff, to showcase their ongoing work and initiatives to protect the environment.

“This important forum which allows indigenous cultures to further develop an already deep people-to-people connection that they share with their land and culture with our neighbours in PNG and abroad,” said Mr Igimabo.
Since 2014, ExxonMobil PNG on behalf of PNG LNG, has provided PGK165,000 towards the Festival, bringing together people from more than 40 local communities from Bosavi, Kutubu, Kikori, Hela and Nipa, the country and abroad to share their cultures and establish deeper understanding and friendship.

This has been made possible through the continued and generous support through private public partnership with important stakeholders that work in the region including ExxonMobil PNG.

“My Song, My Dance, My Story, saving my home for tomorrow” is the theme for this year’s event to be held from 22 -23 September 2017 in Kutubu.

Regional APEC Meetings to Deliver Real Benefits Around the Nation

By: Prime Minister’s Media – 1st June 2017

Tourism will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years, and the hosting of APEC events in growing tourism hubs will make an important contribution to this growing sector.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, was speaking with around two thousand PNC supporters in Kavieng when he assured them that their current local member’s threat to cancel the hosting of APEC next year is just hot air.

He said the election of Martin Aini as the PNC Candidate for Kavieng Open is the only way the district can advance with a dedicated elected leader who is committed to the interests of the district and the country.

“These claims by a single opposition member that he would cancel APEC cannot be taken seriously,” the Prime Minister said.

“I have already had to assure our APEC partner economies that he is just one opposition member from 111 in the Parliament, and has a record for making highly questionable statements just to get attention.

“If you ask almost any other member of the Parliament if they agree with Papua New Guinea hosting APEC in 2018, they would be supportive.

“The Kavieng Member’s threat to cancel APEC has also backfired because it would mean cancelling the APEC Tourism Minister’s meeting, part of which will take place in his district.

“The Member for Kavieng would take APEC away from his own electorate just political mischief.

“His four party members do not support him, and even the Opposition Leader is against such foolish tactics.

“Hosting an APEC meeting is a very effective way to promote tourism and culture in regional centres, as well as encourage skills transfer and local capacity development.”

The Prime Minister said people around the country are tired of candidates who are standing without any clear policies and who just want to run the country down.

“The only people who are knocking the economy are in the opposition.

“They have spent this whole campaign making false claims, talking the economy down, and never offering any real alternatives.

“The current Member for Kavieng has demonstrated that he is not in this election for his people, but for himself.

“That is another reason why the people of Kavieng need to elect an intelligent and balanced leader, and that is what you have in Martin Aini.

“Martin Aini is a leader who will work hard in his electorate and work in the interests of his people and the nation.”

The comments by the current Kavieng Member are at odds with his earlier statements where he embraced advancing national economic development through deepening engagements with APEC.